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The Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

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I'd like to introduce myself.


I have a background in plant genetics and an interest in immunology.

Recently, I have started a web site for biotech industry.


I find it interesting the way technology influences culture and vice versa.


I look forward to learning from the forums and to sharing my knowledge of the subject matter.


Do not hesitate to ask questions regarding current events and the general awareness of science.

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I thought for any new members that we have, it might be nice to introduce yourself. feel free to do so here

My names john n i have a recurring dream about being forced to sleep in the same bed as my older sister.

Hi, i'm June and I just found this website I am 13 and have a large interest in cosmology - so i'm starting to study by myself at home. I know, i'm very young... However, shouldn't that be a good t

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Hi. I'm SCB, not my initials by the way, I'm from England and have an interest in science and high voltage


Welcome and indeed AC/DC's High Voltage rocks. >:D

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Hi. I'm SCB, not my initials by the way, I'm from England and have an interest in science and high voltage


I used to know a forum-goer called SCB... it stood for stone cold bitch... that's not you, i'm guessing. she would have made more of an entrance... she was a dominatrix

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Hey my name is Hidemons. Just found this forum and this thread. Am going to UT at the moment for Engineering. I have to say, this forum is blowing my mind! Its very easy to find very interesting and smart discussions in this place.

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Its been a while since i've posted, and I've changed alot. But I do find myself drawn back to reading here. ^_- not that I'd made much of a reputation for myself when I was here. but anyway.


My name is Leanne I am 17 years old and I live in Australia. I am a trainee IT tech. and currently completeing grade 12 via bsde. I am a game master on a private world of warcraft server, and am learning sql to be able to dev there. I have a strong interest in forensic science, biological science and computer sciences.

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I thought it would be polite to introduce myself before I start posting away. I have used discussions on this site several times, mainly in the chemistry section and have generally found them interesting and informative, so I decided it would be a good idea to join up :)


My interest in chemistry as a hobby when I built a tech project I hated and decided I had to dispose of it in an interesting way...

After that I think I just got addicted to the idea that interesting substances could be produced by treating household items in various ways, it's great if you're broke but there's also a level of excitement to it.


Anyhow, I hope I will be able to help people and expand my own knowledge too.


God, reading over this it sounds like a Chemistry College application :cool: oh well :D

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My most humble greetings to all,

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am known as "The Silent One".


Due to my quiet nature in real life, I have found it most amusing to self-proclaim myself in this manner and it is has proved most useful as an online identity.


Ever since the 'world of science' was revealed to me during my first steps into secondary school, I have developed a great fascination into many of its subjects, particularly in the areas of chemistry, physics and biology. Currently, I am a Year 11 student taking on Chemistry Units 1+2, Physics 1+2 and Biology 3+4 for my science subjects. From here, I intend to continue these subjects and then hopefully be able to pursue a medical course at Uni.


Despite that I may not possess much experience, I am looking forward to learning from the forums and its community and that hopefully, some day I will be able to share my knowledge with the rest of the SFN community.


~The Silent One

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Boy, I don't usually post in "introduce yourself" threads, but since I tend to lurk, thought I should in this case.

I LOVE science. Unfortunately, my mind does not quite manage to wrap itself around the math part, so although I am fascinated by astronomy, physics, heck, even chemistry, the math just sort of stops me in my tracks. So I may lurk a lot and ask questions when people explain things. :)

I look forward to reading here!

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I thought for any new members that we have, it might be nice to introduce yourself. feel free to do so here :)


Hi Myself Bipin

I m a teacher in com

I have interest in Science

I want your cooperation

I hope u ll help me

Guide me about post and reply of any thread

I want to share my knowledge with others

I can my teach science with zeal




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Hi Newbie here!


I was going to post this in the politics forum but as a Newbie I don't seem to have the permissions I need so I will post here.


I am a banned, as in excluded from university, science student.


Well it all happened years ago - I am now 48 - and these days I have turned to political writing because that is at least possible to do on your own these days with the internet.


I have a computer science degree from the University of Edinburgh (1982) and after working as a college lecturer and some time on the dole I came here to Aberdeen to do a post-graduate course in Information Technology (Medical Physics) - sort of IT people making themselves useful in medicine.


Anyway that didn't work out and I had a big argument with the university staff and management and they called in lawyers and there were court orders banning me from the campus and gagging orders from the court stopping me from publishing leaflets and threats to put in me in jail for life for contempt of court.


So anyway, after being condemned to the dole years later I thought I was getting another chance when I got to start a second science degree part time in Biomedical sciences at the other university in Aberdeen, Robert Gordon University but although I was top of the class in the first term I was excluded for being outspoken.


Here is a page with some newspaper clips and other documentation about how the universities here have excluded me.

Universities -



Anyway I just felt that similar warm glow of solidarity from my fellow academics here in Aberdeen as must have been felt by Jewish and political opponents of the Nazis as the Gestapo came to take them out of the campus and to concentration and extermination camps and they too were overjoyed about how the mass of fellow academics all sprang to their rescue - not. :rolleyes:


So here is a video profiling me these days and a few links to my website and forums. Well what I do it is not science mostly and I am not sure how effective I am politically but I keep myself busy all alone here in Aberdeen.


Scottish republican socialist Peter Dow, author and protester (video)



Peter Dow's Scottish National Standard Bearer website



The For Freedom Forums -



Register your own username and password -



A guide to how to register your username -



So I guess my question is - what does it feel like to be loved and appreciated, by someone OTHER than your mother (and I am not too sure my mum understands me either)? :confused:

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Hi. I'm Vedek Pako. I pulled my screen name from some Star Trek show.


The reason I am here is that I am interested in astronomy, paleontology and geology. I don't observe astronomy though a telescope; I theorize about it. Like what, if any, would the planets orbiting Tau Ceti would be like. My educated guess, is Mars-like at best.


Me in Owl Canyon.


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Hey, my names PoWn3d_0704, or John, or whatever someone calls me. I'm in 8th Grade and i love Call of Duty. Play the game wayyyy to much, but it's my life. I'm a serious geek who loves Red Bull and not sleeping (cause i'm with a friend playing Call of duty all night) I'm currently working on a mousetrap car for my physical science final and that thread is in the Engineering forum. (have ideas, well.... please post them up on my thread.)

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