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  1. Yeah I'm a girl and I play wow private server though. heh...blizzlike like playing on retail. and thanks.
  2. The reason why you go over it a million times in a week is because they are trying to get you to commit it to memory. As far as i'm aware its pretty damn difficult to get a subject commited to memory in a day, well in long term memory. What chance is it that you are going to remember it in any great detail a few weeks down the track? The fact that your grades are so high is a sign that the effort you are putting in is paying off! This is a very good thing. The School purpose isn't really set to custom fit students, its there to give a general education. You'll be up to your neck in advanc
  3. This works best with xp, but can be done in Vista as well. But in vista it just makes it look alot less shinny, where in xp you can hardly notice the difference! okay first you need to right click on my computer -> select properies Then scroll down and tick the boxes so yours looks like mine, leave the last box unchecked for extra performance boost, however it'll make your display look like your in windows 98 ( so only do it if your pc is really struggeling or you somehow find that look attractive! ) note: really wasn't sure where to pu
  4. I think you'd be best off doing this with an addon through firefox, take a peek here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/8542 Just be wary where and what you give youtr passwords too. When in doubt throw it out xD...and change your password.
  5. Its been a while since i've posted, and I've changed alot. But I do find myself drawn back to reading here. ^_- not that I'd made much of a reputation for myself when I was here. but anyway. My name is Leanne I am 17 years old and I live in Australia. I am a trainee IT tech. and currently completeing grade 12 via bsde. I am a game master on a private world of warcraft server, and am learning sql to be able to dev there. I have a strong interest in forensic science, biological science and computer sciences.
  6. hey guys, my mums just gotten into uni, and we're having some difficulty find credible sources for one of her Essays. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The question is: what is meant by the term 'Modernity and what are the main features said to characterize 'the great transformation giving rise to modernity?' All sources need to be referenced thats another factor as to why we're having some issues..as most pages Google returns are not. We've had a look on recommended uni pages, but they are turning up limited results. They're not user-friendly...and even I'm having some difficu
  7. There were girls in my class that wouldn't even have a go because of the blood and the "flesh" smell. >.< I love dissections. that Gas sounds evil...
  8. Whats that one smell like?
  9. Thats insane...>.< think chemical warfare...or a least chemical blackmail could be achievable.
  10. ewww! >.< I can cope with rotting and vomit type stuff, dunno why I just don't really like the smell of latex. But I guess the acid at a higher concentration would be that much worse then vomit correct?
  11. never used Butyric acid before..what is its use?
  12. Well, i don't have any of that stuff..but I found this medical hand wash stuff i have really takes the smell away ^.^ I mean its not like I can't cope with it, its just I'd rather a pleasant smelling gloves then the Latex.
  13. Maybe its like yawning and if you talk about it, it make you aware of it and want to yawn? or maybe its an overload for the receptors of your body? I cant remember the details fully but its some kinda thing that blocks too many messages going through at once...(like with your elbow)...maybe theres some sort of thing with that? what kind of places are you guys in when this happens? sitting or standing for long periods of time? Done this ^.^ but to eliminate some of the human factors, we used a ruler and toothpicks. Taping the tooth picks to the ruler. This was all done at
  14. this afternoon at school has been awesome. There was enough kidneys in biology for me to be able to dissect one by my myself. ^.^ How I love dissections! The only thing i don't like is the latex after smell of my hands...the smell of the dissection i don't have a problem with..its the smell of the latex gloves...>.<
  15. okay so heres what i meant with the lines *sorry forgot to include explanation for that part* the little old man danced and danced,/;/: <--- take a break between lines The little old man danced and danced <---- continue reading to next line without stopping..
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