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  1. Hi, Look at the papers written by people from David Baker lab. They are focusing on computer modeling of proteins. Perhaps you will find something interesting. Here is a link to papers: http://depts.washington.edu/bakerpg/ Have fun!
  2. Hi, Could you recommend me some books or webpages about fungi and fungal biochemistry? I'm looking for general knowledge about fungi.
  3. Generally it's not worth I think. Cells producing ATP during methabolic reactions which are using many of cell structures. To use energy from ATP you must somehow do this methabolic reactions out of a cell. Is it possible? I think it's not. I don't remember precisely but I think it's too underable to export it out of a cell. Moreover cell produce it all the time without storing it. Probably the best solution will be to connect turbine to hamster wheel. Hamster during run in it generate energy by muscles which need ATP to work.
  4. I was studying Berg to my biochemistry exam - very, very good book. Do you heard that they stoped writing it? Probably they would redact new one only for basic level beacause there are too much knowledge of biochemistry. And primary would be probably Voet. Meaby this is just fake tales?
  5. Ok, so I understand that everyone could put here vidz? It's two of my favourite: VTEWIiFPDN4&feature=player_embedded HLzGj10fg2g&feature=player_embedded
  6. Open, chain structure of glucose change in a ring-shape by cyclization. Hydroxyl (-OH) group from C-5 carbon atom attack oxygen atom which is connected with C-1 carbon atom. Then it's possible to create during this cyclization alpha and beta form. Meaby alpha goes to beta by making from ring-shape to chain-shape and than to ring-shape?
  7. I have one from 4chan, but it contains vulgarism. Could I post it here? (don't laugh, I'm new here ;P)
  8. Search web for biochemistry atlas. I think it will have what you looking for. Moreover you can look Biochemistry by Voet, Pratt or by Berg, Tymoczko, Stryer. If you don't have it, go to reading room in library. It's very good academic books for biochemistry.
  9. Cool, thanks a lot for this link. Physics is very interesting. ;-)
  10. Yeah, everything from phdcomics is awsome and usually true. Edit: Btw. It's true that students situation in USA looks like it's describe in phdcomics? P. S. Sorry if my english isn't fluent but it is not my mother tongue, I'm working on it.
  11. Hi, I'm new, I study biotechnology, interested in biochemistry and science at all.
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