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  1. Bluetooth power requirements.

    I see, cool. Yeah it does. Also probably too floody for this application. 433MHz modules are definitely worth a look. You can pretty much control the range with antenna length too.
  2. Bluetooth power requirements.

    I used hc-05 as an example. Yeah torch tail switches are normally not too big. What host are you using? You could look at 433MHz transmitter receiver pairs. That plus an attiny85 surface mount on a bespoke PCB might just get down to the size required. I imagine the few lights that do this do it by having some more space and something on the mcpcb. What led are you using in your torch? The Samsung LH351D looks pretty interesting at the moment.
  3. Courtship.

    Against the rules, I'm not sure depends what you say. Weird, definitely. Really your whole thread reads a bit off to me. A bit like a youngish guy who is upset that he isn't getting what he wants.
  4. Bluetooth power requirements.

    You'd need a Bluetooth module and probably a microprocessor to interpret the info and then a transistor as the switch. Outside pairing a hc-05 uses about 8mA you could run that at the voltage of the cr2032 along with say an Arduino pro micro 3.3V at around 5mA with no modifications. Cr2032 are typically in the region 250mAh, if we call it 260 mAh for simplicity, 260/13 is 20 hours. You can get the Arduino side down quite a bit but not sure how much better more expensive Bluetooth 4 devices will get you.
  5. ! Moderator Note OP clearly doesn't want to discuss science so thread closed. You may not reintroduce this topic in our forum. If you disagree with this decision you may report this post for other mods to review.
  6. My PhD was in the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter. It's still a pretty big area of research.
  7. I think everyone's point is what's the point of doing this at all? Aircraft already have their registration written on the outside, they also broadcast flight number, registration and icao address.
  8. At times like this I like to quote the great man himself. - Douglas Adams
  9. General equation of the circle

    You can probably get there from trigonometry. Given a centre position X and Y and radius r, you could integrate tan over 360 degrees...
  10. guidance for job in IT industry

    I'd be really weary of this route these days. You mention Gates and Zuckenburg, both of which went to college, even if they didn't complete undergraduate courses. They are also not the norm. Compared to the number of people who make a living in the IT industry there is very few of them. You must also consider how it will look to an employer. Most will look for either an undergraduate degree and/or significant experience depending on the level of role. Someone with just ms qualifications wouldn't get past the first sort stage in a lot of places. Some context for my reply. My sister in law is the chief of staff at a Microsoft business group, the science team I manage includes software engineers.
  11. The misconception ratio

    I was thinking of using trends but that's also an interesting idea. The other option might be to use a repetition of misconception after correction count.
  12. The misconception ratio

    That's a concern, I only had this thought reading a post today so am very open to improvements. I did wonder about it being a rolling scale for any given text, maybe taking the peak value for analysis..
  13. Exactly. If it was easy everyone (or at least a large subset) would already know the answers.
  14. The misconception ratio

    I would like to propose a numerically measure for quality of post, our likiness to be a crackpot (trends of this ratio are likely to be a key predictor). The misconception ratio = number is misconceptions / number of words (units are cracks) As this tends to 1 as I tend to hit my head on the desk. I'd speculate that 0.01 cracks is a general upper limit for a post, although would value some input and analysis of real posts... I'd also like to know a warning level, no one is going to have a value of 0 cracks for all of their writings but is 1 millicracks acceptable?