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  1. Removing scent from Isopropyl Alcohol

    I bought 1.5 l on Amazon about a year ago for under £10. Bought for paint thinning but it gets used for cleaning about as much. Most glasses cleaning kits come with watered down IPA as well.
  2. Is there any reason this Quantum Telegraph couldn’t work?

    No, they're not. Entangled particles have some property (normally one which is in a superposition) which is correlated.
  3. ! Moderator Note If you read our rules carefully, then you can understand that it's against our rules for you to require someone to download a document to participate in the discussion. Please post enough information in thread for a discussion to take place.
  4. How does lab permission generally work?

    If you are concerned about IPR then it would be sensible to have an NDA in place. I've never done medical or human trials but my understanding is that your injection of humans would be unlikely to get past an ethics committee and may well be illegal. Some have even turned to testing on themselves... http://discovermagazine.com/2010/mar/07-dr-drank-broth-gave-ulcer-solved-medical-mystery (not recommended)
  5. Books for Quantum & Light Physics

    What's your maths like? QED by Feynman is brilliant and accessible. If you want to follow the maths I'd recommend quantum mechanics by Alastair I. M. Rae, quite short as text books go but very good.
  6. Producing a hierarchy of human life .

    Human witnesses are notoriously bad. McCloskey, M., & Zaragoza, M. (1985). Misleading postevent information and memory for events: Arguments and evidence against memory impairment hypotheses. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 114(1), 1-16. http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/0096-3445.114.1.1 Also, witnessing something you don't know isn't evidence for aliens just that you've witnessed something you don't understand. Magic shows are not evidence for Harry potter.
  7. Maths is the language of physics. If you're not prepared to learn the maths you will not fully understand the science. Sorry that's just the way it is. 1 a. True 1 b. False, gravity warps space, massless objects follow the curvature. This is observable in gravitational lensing. Therefore your conclusion is wrong. Given the rest of your concept is based on this mistake there is no point is further discussing it. I will say that as speed increases energy increases at a faster rate. It is easier to talk about rest mass and energy rather than muddy the waters with relativistic mass which is just energy.
  8. I'm currently working my way through no such thing as a fish during the night. I find it's easy to fall asleep to as each piece of information is quite short. I normally listen to each episode about 5 times starting later into it each time before I think I've heard it all. For anyone who hasn't listened to it you really should.
  9. Non-locality

    Entanglement is an experimental result. Wishing it away doesn't solve anything. Not understanding the experiments (you need maths to do that) doesn't solve anything. Two polarised photons and to entangled photons are not necessarily the same thing.
  10. Non-locality

    Without the maths you cannot speak the language of physics and this discussion is probably pointless.
  11. Non-locality

    Because you have a different polarisation state (and depending on the situation entanglement) which changes the maths. You really need to derive the maths to understand this.
  12. Non-locality

    Thinking of polarisation as just direction is wrong, I would suggest at this point you look at the derivation of Malus's law, when you come across something in the derivation you don't understand, such as elliptical polarisation then you can read there. That's pretty much the reverse of the most efficient way to learn a complex subject and will result in massive holes in understanding but would be better when where we currently are.
  13. Non-locality

    This is why the discussions you start don't seem to go anywhere. As a prerequisite to a discussion on entanglement is a knowledge of polarisation. You don't have that knowledge so don't know the bits of information you're missing when reading about the details. Polarisation isn't just the linear orientation of fields. It's more complicated than that. No one wants to spend the time teaching you the basics when you're wandered in out of your depth insisting you're correct. Sorry to be blunt but that's the way it is.
  14. Fantasy beasts and where to find them.

    In the last few years we've quietly disproved most of these things. Almost everyone in the western world and many people in the world in general now all carry acceptable quality cameras with them all the time. Yet good photos just hasn't appeared.
  15. Time Does Not Exist

    - The Guide Mark II.