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  1. A laser is not, and cannot be a conductor. "electron laser" is meaningless. This is also meaningless. Why are you putting random words together.
  2. ! Moderator Note Our rules require attached documents to be supportive only. You should be able to contribute to the thread without needing to go off-site or to download any additional documents. Please put your thoughts into a post for responses.
  3. Thanks. It holds together so could be a lot worse. Not terribly pretty though.
  4. My grandfather was a carpenter, my parents still have a few pieces be made. About a week ago I finished my first dovetail joint made out of an old spice rack. I've now started my second one. I don't have great ambitions at the moment. I'd like to get to a point where I can make a reasonable box.
  5. I don't think you can draw any single rule on whistle blowers. It'll always come down to a balance of what is for the public good and that is rarely an easy line to draw. The bulk release of illegally obtained information without review is likely to cross that line in most people's opinion. In the UK there are legal protections for public officials as long as they are acting in good faith. Which again will often be a difficult line to draw. To a certain extent you have to have confidence in the justice system.
  6. Hey, I was for a time employed as a software engineer and have since managed teams including software engineers and currently work along side several. Do you have any programming experience? C++ is not what I would suggest as a good starting point (there's a whole thread on good starting languages somewhere). Broadly languages fall into two camps, procedural (e.g. C) and object oriented (e.g. java). C++ is a bit of a messy mix of both which to me makes it a messy starting place. Lots of people start with python these days, not my cup of tea (who thought meaningful white space was a
  7. They will publish results in journals. Some of those are open access. A lot of journals these days require that you make your data accessible as do some funding sources and institutions. At least one of my academic partners the university requires open access journals. There are also preprint archives.
  8. To add to Markus. Peer review publication creates somewhat of a double check. The first is that when you submit an article it will be sent to some other scientists in the field, normally about 3, chosen by the journal (sometimes you can make suggestions to make it easier for the editors). They will review it in depth and provide feedback to the journal and the authors, often anonymously to the authors, sometimes this is all public. The second phase is if you pass they review then you get published. Then any other interested person with access to the journal can read your article. That al
  9. Whilst I don't disagree, Kelvin is not a degree scale like °C or °F. It's also not uncommon to find physics papers talking about °C. Although the closer you get to thermodynamics the less you use °C. In the UK, in general, older people are relatively happy with both but anyone below about 40 or 50 will be far more in the Centigrade camp, I need to look up what the freezing point of water is if I need it in °F. For almost all other measurements people are accepting of both imperial and metric. I walk in km but I drive in miles. For shorter distances I go mm, cm, inches, feet, meters
  10. Yes, I think this is feasible. You'll obviously have to ensure that air can get in and out the battles as quickly as the water. You might also want to connect them together nearer the top to try and more easily deal with differing levels. What I'm going to call balancing will be critical, else you'll have one empty tank and start pumping some air on outflow and on inflow you'll have water pouring out the top of one before the others are near full. A better idea (to get around the balance problem) would be to have each one tapped individually. You would then fill and empty each one on its
  11. There are a few other public observatories in the UK. The Norman Lockyer one is the one I'm most familiar with. They do good public open evenings (pitched at the keen member of the public). Wotsallthis, the aerosol optical depth at the chilbolton observatory isn't particularly unusual at the moment (https://aeronet.gsfc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/data_display_aod_v3?site=Chilbolton&nachal=0&year=2021&month=2&day=27&aero_water=0&level=1&if_day=0&if_err=0&place_code=10&year_or_month=0). I suspect you are suffering from local light pollution or not allowing ho
  12. There was certainly a clear sky in the south west last night. And several towards the beginning of February whilst there was a bit of a blocking high over Norway ish.
  13. I wonder if part of this is how most funding works. To get your next lot of funding you need to show progress. That normally means you need to have shown positive results. If you have tried two different methods, one showed positive results and the other negative, both are valid and useful for the community. But you as a team only have the time or resource to write one paper, do you concentrate on the paper that will help you get funding or the one that won't, possibly with the intention that you'll write that one in the future?
  14. No, as has been explained to you, that is not how laser cooling works. Please review the posts in this thread.
  15. Everything you have written here is wrong. What does anything here have to do with immortality or time travel?
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