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  1. Thanks for this everybody, keep well.
  2. Thank you Kartazian and Studiot. I'm very well thanks for asking. You have obviously "tumbled" me as a beginner and I will enjoy going through this. I may well come back to you. Keep well Alan As a begginner, I know the symbols for amps, voltage, resistance, power and a tiny bit more. Could I trouble you Kartazian to explain the symbols in your diagram please? Ua, Vf and 1f, Best Alan
  3. Yes Klaynos, Last night wasn't bad (London). I saw Orion, but you had to stare for a moment until you spotted it. (7pm right outside my South facing window). On a clear sky in previous years it's been such a fantastic "Light show" I would have paid to get in! I'll try that observatory Studiot. Alan
  4. Yes Swansont, thank you, I half expected this type of answer, just so frustrated. Keep well. Bst Alan
  5. Kind of you , thank you , sorry for not replying I have not been well. Alan
  6. My wife and I always look forward to December to see the lovely Orion in the Southern sky. We live in London There hasn't been one clear sky since December. Why would this be please? Keep well everyone
  7. Also thanks String junky, a great website. However as John C got it right, I wanted to ascertain how to check. Well beyond me. Cheers everyone and keep well. Alan
  8. Yes John C, thank you, it was what I was getting at, beyond my beginner status. Greetings everyone.
  9. Thanks, but is there a way to tell by using any components.
  10. Aahh, a good clean, thanks, I'll give it a try. Best
  11. My wife tells me that the rechargables on our phone take longer to recharge, (she thinks). Is it possible to tell if their life is coming to an end please? I just have a multimeter and some basic components. Regards
  12. Hello all, I have just found Falstad and have a couple of questions to ask please. I connected an led to a 50 volt battery with a 100 ohm resistor. The led still lights. Shouldn't it burn out (diagramatically of course) or is it that the programme doesn't have this facility? Perhaps my sums are wrong, I am a beginner after all. How do I have a two way (double) switch on this programme? I would like to experiment with a capacitor and a lamp. Thanks in advance everyone.
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