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  1. Do you honestly think human beings will be around 5 billion years from now? Humans have only existed for about 150K years. I would venture to guess that in a million years, humans will be extinct. Will we be replaced by another species of human? Who knows. Also, due to the evolution of the Sun, in about one billion years from now, the Earth will resemble Venus.
  2. I'm considering taking my savings and living in another country for a while. I'm also considering which stocks to buy seeing is how most are low today.
  3. Your argument is fallacious. Just because it's used by politicians, doesn't negate it. You have to prove that global warming at the hands of man is false; not that it's used politically so therefore it's false.
  4. There's not one non-white person I talk to that doesn't think they're going to get their immigration status questioned by AZ police. They know it's racial profiling.
  5. 57% and better at spotting girls. I used logic with this. If a person's got gray hair, they're probably not virgin. The other day, I was told I was no longer "Innocent"...
  6. Why do we need to increase the gravity on Mars? Why not genetically alter man so that he can function perfectly on a terra-formed Mars? To genetically alter a man so he can survive on Mars presently, will require the use of lots of cybernetics; it would be human only in mind and in form. There's always going to be military value in anything man touches. And treaties are only good as the paper they are written on.
  7. Are you saying I'm morally deficient because I posted US policy regarding nukes and non-nuclear nations or the people complaining about that?
  8. http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2009/07/14/venus-ocean-water-express.html
  9. Armageddon has happened many, many times in human history. The fall of Rome and the collapse of the Mayan civilization are but a few examples. When ever Armageddon comes, there are always survivors. Even in a full scale nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union; it would be a nuclear Armageddon for both countries; but there would be survivors that would start over. Besides the fact that in about 500MY to 1000MY, due to solar evolution, Earth will be a green house world like Venus and the fact that the human species has only been around for 150,000 years and it unlikely to be around 5 billion years from now when the your sun goes red giant.
  10. Um, it's been US policy not to threaten non-nuclear nations with American nukes for over 50 - 60 years. Obama's just restating it.
  11. We know that, due to the presences of granite on the Venusian surface that there were oceans on Venus. Now, how deep were they? It it possible, from the mass of the atmosphere, to determine how much water was on Venus before it evaporated away two billion years ago?
  12. A lot of these ideas are unwise; we only have them because we are members of the species being designed. There's no base to the ID being human; therefore, if it did design our human body, it designed it in this fashion for whatever purpose it had when it designed it.
  13. One problem with nanobot planetary explorers is that they may contaminate a planet; especially self-replicating ones. Eventually, they may malfunction and turn "Cancerous" and start self-replicating using any and all materials available. I think "Mirco-Probes" will be the way forward. If, from your own backyard, you could launch a small probe to Mars or any planet you wished, then that will be the peak of space probe exploration.
  14. Well, in America, no one's accosted on the streets, because they'd get shot, Pilgrim.... I think it has to do with cultural attitudes in your area. Maybe you just have more bullies per person where you are.
  15. So a week ago, I was day dreaming while listening to music that I had some sort of Psychic-Kinetic power to create storms over the ocean and send them to my town. Wednesday, I checked to forecast and it said no rain; so I watered my garden and latter on that night, a storm blew in and it rained. Do I have psychic powers...or is God just messing with me?
  16. I'm going to sell, "How to Survive the Apocalypse" handbooks. Then, after 2012, it's "How not to be so Gullible" books.
  17. There's a large concentration of Methane gas in various places on Mars. Or perhaps, 4 billion years ago, a meteorite impacted Mars and contaminated the Earth. Maybe Astrobiologists can put a few extremophiles in a vacuum chamber and simulate the effects of space.
  18. Who wants to beat that Extrema-philes hitched a ride on the Viking Lander and have already colonized Mars? If not the Viking Lander, than perhaps one of the numerous Soviet ones.
  19. Actually, the Mayan calender just ends at 2012. It's an inference that it means the end of the world.
  20. I live in the Los Angeles area. Not many problems like that. Sure, there are bad areas. Most of the time, when someone is attacked, the victim usually is in a gang.
  21. So it spend up the Earth? Could geologic forces balance out the pull of the tides by the Moon to ensure the Earth will always rotate?
  22. We had full media coverage of the Tsunami and even maps of areas that might be affected by it. The size of the Tsunami: 10 inches.
  23. So, are you suggesting intelligent design? (just kidding). I don't think we won a cosmic lottery based on factors such as calculating the odds a world would be in the HZ with the probably masses (too small, Hot Mars; too big, Jupiter(the moons too small to host liquid water and not magnetic field to protect their atmospheres from solar wind, unless Jupiter's can) etc. ) with other factors such as stellar life span. I'm not advocating every system will have an Earth-like world with advanced life. If fact, I think it's just the opposite. Tau Ceti is probably full of Marses and E. Eridandi probably has Venuses, but a world resembling Early Earth and Mars, is at least probable if it's in the HZ and in a system not too old, like Tau Ceti or too young, like E. Eridandi.
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