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The Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

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I thought for any new members that we have, it might be nice to introduce yourself. feel free to do so here

My names john n i have a recurring dream about being forced to sleep in the same bed as my older sister.

Hi, i'm June and I just found this website I am 13 and have a large interest in cosmology - so i'm starting to study by myself at home. I know, i'm very young... However, shouldn't that be a good t

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Hello all,


Since I was a kid i've always felt that I was going to do something great or miraculous in my life. I'm not sure what this thing is. I was never particularly interested in Science at school and to be honest it bored me rigid. Science Fiction has never been my favourite type of book r film (although I did like Asimovs 'Foundation' series). I was never very good at Maths or anything practical. I have never found mechanics or engineering very interesting (although when I have attempted anything mechanical I have found I am pretty good at it).


I'm really just an ordinary bloke. New lady in my life, ex-wife (!), kids, mortgage, watch the footie and have a pint or three. That kind of thing ! I'm 42 now and work in consultancy/training type roles in factories all over the UK working on Business Improvement Techniques, Lean Manufacturing that kind of thing. I can get obsessive about things, i'm not particularly bright but have a tendency to think differently to the masses. I'm the employee who comes up with different ideas to 'everyone else' and then goes about proving them wrong when they say it won't work ! I tend to think in a logical, sequenced kind of way. I need to understand the workings to get the point.


Bored yet, read on..........


Yesterday. Something really strange happened. As a complete sceptic I went to see a clairvoyant with my new partner. Tarot, crystal ball, palmistry. I don't know why I went because i've never believed in anything supernatural or in fact been interested in it. I have always felt that science would eventually explain everything. Anyway, she asked me my name and asked me to shuffle and cut the cards, then put one hand on the crystal ball. Laughing yet ?! Lol, sounds ridiculous I know. She then asks me to think of a question i'd like to ask the ball (lol!) As I didn't want to ask the usual stuff about family, future, friends etc, I thought of the 'invention' feeling I had had since a boy.


Anyway, she puts the cards into a weird formation and then turns over the top card and says :


'Are you interested in Science, because the cards are saying that you are going to invent something incredible'


You could have knocked me down with a feather, smacked me in the face with a kipper and zapped me with 10,000 volts. She looked at me with a 'Gotcha !' look in her eye.


After the initial shock, she said that the invention would come with a change of job, possibly through setting up my own business and a change in country (I didn't tell her this but my partner and I are thinking of emigrating to Cyprus in 7-8 years time).


So here I am, this is the first day of my new hobby !


Here's the question:


What do you want me to invent ?


May as well start off with something huge. The greatest invention of all time. Teleportation perhaps ? Something that will allow us to go to the stars in an Asimov kind of way ? Knowing my luck I will become famous after my death in typical Picasso style


Cheers all,


The Clairvoyant (Paul)


P.S, I'm not nuts or been on the funny chemicals.


And on a more sceptical note the clairvoyant also told me that I was being followed by three orbs from the spirit world and not to ring her up if I started seeing them !

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Hi all. :) Wonderful site, excited to be a part of it. :)


I'm currently a full-time undergraduate student at Troy University studying Molecular/Cellular Biology (now called the BioMed program). I'm formerly a systems engineer/administrator with a little network administration thrown in.


I'm also minoring in Anthropology, in hopes of eventually becoming a Forensic Anthropologist. Woot!


I have two beautiful children, and a wonderful husband.


Go Trojans. :D

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Character - bender
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Hello there!
corner_bl.gif corner_br.gif


Hey. I'm just a gal of limited education with experience in information technology and working with and around psychology based programs (from whence my interest in psychology stems).


People say I'm very intelligent and I say for everyone's sake that I hope not ;)


Here's to science! Woohoo!

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Hey all. I'm a big science fan, in my final semester of a BS in Agriculture. My major is Aquaculture, which is a fitting choice for a young sea dog like myself. I've lived in Nova Scotia for about twenty years now, after bouncing around Canada for my first few years.


Besides science matters and issues, I'm also keen on outdoor recreation. Kayaking, snorkeling, rock climbing are a few of my favourite activites. I especially like kayaking in the surf when a storm approaches.


I have one brother, also a science fellow. He's over in Germany working on finishing his PhD. Hope to share in the discoveries with you all!

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Name's Donny, am a paleontology student in love with science in general. Trapped in a small town with no one to talk to who understands me. Digging bones for a living and loving it :eyebrow:


Hope to educate and learn something as well!

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From the heart of Japan, the rolling foothills of the Japan Alps, I send a big 'hello' to all.

While I am from the USA, I have been living here in Japan for some 26 years almost. The little lady is a Japanese national, and we have 3 boys. My main interest in the area of science, is that of the neurosciences. While I am doing research in the field, to some extent, I am not a scientist. I do have a study underway regarding education, and I have helped out slighty in a study on mental states and dietary habits, but that's about it--and I don't consider it any big deal.


My purpose for joining ScienceForums is to both learn, and where I can, help in sharing. I look forward to reading up, and joining in when and where I can. LL

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am looking for the composition of Chafing dish fuel, that is made by ehanol or methanol,for long time am looking for it but still didnt get the right path,plz hep me to make this gel.This is first time when i come to know abt science forum,hope here i can get.

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Hello all.


I'm William and I'm new here. I've always had an interest in science and your forum looks very interesting. I look forward to learning and taking part in some intelligent conversation.


See you on the boards!

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I am 14 years old and I am starting college science soon. My favorite hobbies are flying aircraft and doing martial arts. In college, I really like chemisitry although I occasionally do a lot of physics, meteoroligy, astronomy, and college math. I am not very good at history, english, wrighting, or spelling, but I try to do my best. So, I think this forum might help me with my week points and my favorite subject, the sciences.

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hello. you may call me supernerd, i do not care.

but if you are an advanced chemist, don't take nerd seriously.

do not overwhelm me with quadratic equations and such.


i am not joking.

the third element in the periodic table (by atomic number) is lithium.

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Yes, I'm CTD. I noticed a few familiar handles, but most of you probably don't know me.


I am a creationist, but I was amused to discover that by local standards I'm also an evolutionist. I fully accept that allele frequencies change every time a lifeform dies or a new one is conceived. I doubt I'll be genuinely accepted as an evolutionist, but we'll see how it plays out.


Having spent a couple of hours researching what goes on here, I'll be keeping records. I take the threat to delete posts for any reason at face value, and I don't intend to have the time I put into composing thoughtful posts flushed down the toilet as a matter of convenience.


Judging by what I've seen, enforcement of the published rules here is extremely lax. I shall attempt to set a good example by complying with the rules anyhow, and avoiding the employment of logical fallacies. I do see a lot of cases where members have been banned, and this is a mystery I intend to look into, as it shall be convenient.

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