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The Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

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Hi Guys,

Just stumbled upon this site. It looks cool and I think I will be having a good time over here.



Welcome me :)


Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it! It is always nice to get new members although an introductory post would probably be more appropriate here, in the "Introduce Yourself Thread".

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I thought for any new members that we have, it might be nice to introduce yourself. feel free to do so here

My names john n i have a recurring dream about being forced to sleep in the same bed as my older sister.

Hi, i'm June and I just found this website I am 13 and have a large interest in cosmology - so i'm starting to study by myself at home. I know, i'm very young... However, shouldn't that be a good t

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I thought for any new members that we have, it might be nice to introduce yourself. feel free to do so here :)


I go by the name of Lucky,for various reasons My area of interest is in pyrotecnics,especially the manufacture of KCLO4.I have been makeing it for about 2 yrs now, At first it took me about 3-4 months to finally get it right.

The old saying is (good things take time).Im only an ameture,but My process works good for me. If anyone has any questions,Please post me and I will be happy to offer my opinion. One note here; KCLO4 is a very POWERFULL! It will react with any Powdered metal out there. even organic properties.

Thankyou and want to here from you

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[insert greetings here]


I'm [name] from [location] and I like [subject]. I hope I will [insert verb here] and contribute much [insert positive thing here] while bringing [insert positive emotion here].


[insert happy word here] to meet [insert acknowledgement of forum],

[Name here]

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Hello my friend ,Yes I have a good deal of knowledge in the area of elctrolysis

For about 2 yrs now I have been synthisising KCLO3 and KCLO4. Its a hobby that took me about 4 months or so to finally get it right, and to understand how the process actually works.I also understand the dangers and Hazards involved. Get back to me if you would like to disscuss anything. Thankyou


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I think I jumped in to quickly..I am Chriton..a sceptic..I am critical of the Science community and do not believe all I am told by the Scientists...I am not here to criticise but to question....I am a conspiracy theorist and believe that all we are told is not always true...If I am allowed I will post my point of view to Scientific theory...

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Hi. I wish the members of this forum: Health and luck.


Science is important because it provides tangible benefits to people.

So if the scientists (and all the help science) are healthy and lucky.

That and the rest of the people well.


(Excuse my bad English)

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