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    Chemistry and music (guitar) I am a guitarest for 35 yrs, 35 yrs and model airplanes))
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  1. No Its Not. Just go to hardware store and buy a bottle of lye for 4 dollors
  2. Yes it does, for example In the game of tic tac doe,No one wins ,no matter how long you play, As far as Our universe goes the are 2 possibillitys, (1) either our univerce has an abrupt end,or (2) It just keeps going, I believe that there is something supernatural,maybe God< involved here. If anyone here disagreese with me ,then tell me I want to know
  3. I believe that Gravity is not what we all tend to believe for example newtons apple fell from a tree because earths mass pulled it down,rather space time ,which is flexible, pushes down on mass which we call gravity.
  4. I don't know if this was posted before,but the latest is that Gravity is not what pulls us down,rather that Gravity is space time pushing us down. to a central point in space.As far as space being a void,well it is to a point ,but space can be manipulated to the point where it bends,and has flexibility
  5. So what do you think. Are plants sensitive to our emotiions , Will a plant grow better in an atmosphere filled with love? Or will a plant regress in an atmosphere filled with depression and negativity/
  6. As far as Im aware of, there is a chemical secreated on the bottom of a geco enableing it to walk up walls and certain types of ceilings
  7. lucky45


    Ask your teacher,Why dont plants grow upside down? Does gravity play a roll or does UV light which causes photosynthisis the reason? Good luck
  8. on 3rd degree burns, Nerves are destroyed and pain meds are not needed
  9. There are 3 possibillitys concerning our existance.#1 either we evolved from a lower life form or#2 we were seeded here by a superintelegenc from other planet or#3 We were created,Nobody I mean Noone can say for shure but only speculate
  10. lucky45


    Is it possible that Einstein's theroy of reletivity might have a little flaw in it.Or is his theroy carved in stone\? and cannot be disputed
  11. I kinda lean toward, Spears as first weapons, However Probably hand thrown stones were the first weapons. HOW about harsh language or verble screams I just thought of something, If early man had very limited intelligence, What made them realise that striking an animal with some kind of primitive, would kill it. Something in there minds made them come to the conclusion that this would stop the animal, I think this was primeval assimulation of the situation at hand.
  12. Sorry for my lack of knowledge about flight ,but I think I made the point concerning the question that was asked.Anyway, insane_alien, thanks for the reply
  13. The only thing I can say is that it could be possible, otherwise we wouldn't have came up with this theory. Any thing that the mind can dream up should always be treated with respect, For example 110 yrs ago we thought flight was impossible, Unless it is proven wrong .It might be possible
  14. lucky45


    Im sorry if I am posting in the wrong forum, I dont mean to offend anyone
  15. Im shure everyone knows this: If you get an orange,Peel off about 3" of skin. Sweese the outside of the skin against and open flame,or lighter and you will have ignition. The spray from the orange will ignight for a second
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