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The Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

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I thought for any new members that we have, it might be nice to introduce yourself. feel free to do so here

My names john n i have a recurring dream about being forced to sleep in the same bed as my older sister.

Hi, i'm June and I just found this website I am 13 and have a large interest in cosmology - so i'm starting to study by myself at home. I know, i'm very young... However, shouldn't that be a good t

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Hi everyone. My name is Vineeth . Iam too Science holic.

We can share our discoveries with us and become good friends.

I love u all my dear friennds!!!

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I have a doubt. '

I will present my hypothesis will u express ur opinions? Please Analyse my calculations...pls..



Force of Influence between energies:

According to the Universal Gravitational Law by Newton, any two bodies of masses ‘m1‘ and ‘m2‘ separated by a distance ‘r’ have a Force of Attraction(Fm) given by:

Fm = G. (m1 m2)/r2 --- (1)

If there are two charges each ‘q1’ and ‘q2’ separated by a distance ‘r’ then the force of attraction or repulsion between the two charges in free space is:

Fc = (4 0)-1. (q1q2/r2) --- (2)

There is attraction force between two masses, and we also know that mass and energy are inter-related and also charge is a kind of energy. So there must be some Force of Influence (Fe) between any two energies of different kind.

Let us consider two point concentrated energies E1 and E2 of different kinds or of the same kind. All the energy obtained to us is mainly from Sun. In fact, the energy in the space is also due to conversion of some celestial mass. Therefore in this context, Albert Einstein’s Mass-Energy Equivalence Relation is applicable. So any energy in the universe corresponds to some mass which has been converted into energy by some nuclear reaction. So by Einstein’s Equation:

E = m. c2  m = E/c2 --- (3)

On substituting ‘m1’, ‘m2’ in equation (1) by ‘m’ in equation (3), then we get;

Fe= (G/c4). (E1 E2/r2) --- (4)

Let the constant here (i.e. G/c4) obtained be named as Constant of Influence represented by .

On substituting the values of G and c in the constant obtained, = G/c4  8.22222 x 10-45 Nm2/J2.

So, in the equation (4), if E1 = 1J, E2 = 1J and r = 1m then the equation becomes:

Fe =  8.22222 x 10-45 N

So, this means that if there are two point concentrated energies (assuming that they are at rest) each of 1J separated by a distance of 1m then the force (of attraction or influence) is approx.  8.22222 x 10-45 N between them.

Let these energies move at velocities v1, v2 and let their Lorentz’s Factors be:

γ1, γ2. Then γ1= (1-(v12/c2))-1/2 and γ2= (1-(v22/c2))-1/2.


Fe= (G/c4). (E1 / γ1 ).(E2/ γ2).(1/ r2 ) --- (5)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By Vineeth-------------

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I'm Sam, and I wanted to tell you about a new iPhone app we've just created for the Royal Navy- aimed at Tech savvy engineering students.


It tests potential recruits capabilities and suitability for a career in the Navy, by going through a range of scientific and engineering related challenges


It's fun- and it's free!


You can download it from iTunes App store.



Or play on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/RoyalNavyRecruitment?ref=ts




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Hi I'm Skye and I'm amused by puffer fish. Mainly because I caught some the other day that were in little sand pools. How? By herding them onto the sand. Yes, they swam onto the sand. Fish. Swimming onto land. Not only that, but they then puffed themself up so they were even more screwed. I'm wondering whether it has anything to do with their tiny genomes. That, and just laughing my arse off at them.


Welcome to this site and I am also newbie here.

My name is Disoza and I have just recently join this site.

I am here to interact with people and definitely get the information regarding experiencefestival community.

Glad to join this site.:doh:

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I'm new to this community & just thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself and say "howdy".


Finally a solid community with active people that I can read - which truly is a refreshing change!


I'm here to learn @ participate. How would I best participate?


Bye For Now~

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Welcome all, it is always good to have new people interested enough in science to bother signing up to participate at this site. Learning about and teaching science is what this site is all about and I don't think it is too much of a stretch to say that everyone who is here for long does some of each.

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Hey its th3roman here, just registered.


Have a huge interest in mathematics and the sciences.

I wanna ask, what are the subjects that I need to learn and understand to be able to read and understand mathematics, engineering and sciences like astronomy.


What subjects I mean by are the principle areas that I have to know before being able to do mathematics and sciences at a technical level. Understanding formulas and such.


It'd be a great help if someone points me to the right direction.



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Hmm. . .


I have been a member for a couple months now and have made a plethora of posts, but I never noticed there was an introduce yourself page. . . Well I guess better late than never.


My name is James aka: toastywombel. I am 20 years old. I fancy reading, programming, computing, physics, mathematics, engineering (I still play with legos yes), and music (I play guitar, piano, and a mean triangle :doh:).


I would consider myself the underachiever that every girl wants to sleep with, minus the every girl thing and them wanting to sleep with me thing :confused:.


I graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA. I work at two part-time jobs, and am currently attending college. My current major is liberal arts but that major is really just an unknown variable which I plan to replace with something a little more respectable. I am very unsure of what I want from college and life itself. This is a science forum though, not an online therapist's office so this will have to conclude this brief synopsis of my existence.

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I have a question:


Regarding how much of the celestial sky is visible from any point on earth...


Everything I see and hear say's it is 180 degrees, which, makes sense to me.

But, I backpack with a crew that (some) says otherwise (every time we are out staring at the sky).


I need some help. Is this correct?


Here is how the argument starts:

1. we can see more than 180 degrees from our position (or any position on the earth) of the celestail sky above.Some argue that we cannot. Some of the lads say we can.

2. A satellite passes over head, some say the satellite is visible more than 180 degrees i.e., if the satellite orbit is elliptical and very high, it could be visible more than 180 degrees.


So, what I have described above is the essence of every debate that we all endure (affectionately) on each of our outings.


Please help.


thank you,


michael n

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Huh, i dont think i ever actually introduced myself, all that 1 year ago.


My name is Michael and i now work in the usaf.

The easiest way to describe my personality and thougths through out a day is 'visionairy'.

completely unrealistic visionairy.

I absolutely love learning new things, in the fields of Science and History, not so much english as words dont fully convey meaning due to their lack of color.

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