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The Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

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Hi, I'm new too...forgot to introduce myself yet I posted some threads already. Apology for those geeks out there who happened to read my blogs. I think the main title is a little bit "too harsh".Sorry... to mellow it down, forget it and soon I'll change it into "Gravity Applied to THe Fundamental Laws of Physics", promise.

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I thought for any new members that we have, it might be nice to introduce yourself. feel free to do so here

My names john n i have a recurring dream about being forced to sleep in the same bed as my older sister.

Hi, i'm June and I just found this website I am 13 and have a large interest in cosmology - so i'm starting to study by myself at home. I know, i'm very young... However, shouldn't that be a good t

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Hi! My name is Shou!

I'm a typical high school student(3rd year). Um... my dream is to become a polymath for the better of man and it's future. I found it necessary to join an internet forum to expand my knowledge of science to it's full potential. I don't know much about science now, so I am hoping to learn a lot from this forum. =]

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Hi everyone. I'm a 35 year old Air Traffic Controller, amateur astronomer, and general "space stuff" and math enthusiast. I also have a passing interest in chemistry (having learned just enough to better understand my astro hobby).


I've been a lurker for a while, so thought I'd pass a note of appreciation to the staff and meaningfully contributing members of this site: thanks for your time and energy.

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Moriarty, we have a SH3LOCK here. Have you two met?

"Punning 101" Check your spelling.:doh:




Thanks iNow.;)

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Assalam Alekum!

I'm Urooj from Pakistan. I'm a student of LWTR Avonics. I've joined the community to avail the important and latest information relating to science. I hope I'll be welcomed and you people will help me. Thank you

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My name is User1

Ive been around forums for a couple of years now and this one also looked nice.

Some might have seen my name around Sciencemadness or others.

I surely seen some familiar nicknames.

All one happy family right ?


I have no complete education in chemistry, i dropped out in the second year.

Well anyway that left me with some knowledge.

Iam enriched with a quite welll equiped lab and lots of glassware.

The chemicals are still growing day be day, seems like and addiction.


The parts that intrest my are energetics ( in a serious way) Anorganics and organics.

I think its important to take good care of oneself so i use a gassmask faceshielding etc.


Sometimes i can appear like a bitch, but iam just trying to be honest, that one of my downsides i guess :P..


Anyway, i just wanted to say hi to everyone.

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Glad to be a part of the community.

I am a university student studying psychology, just finished my second year.

I enjoy playing guitar and doing yoga in my free time.

I am highly interested in studying alternative forms of clean energy, and building a world that works in harmony with Nature.

I look forward to sharing with and learning from you all!


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