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  1. Essay, I'm officially fucking bored. I'm sick and tired of quoting peer reviewed literature only to be answered with fucking blog crap. I'm also tired of being constantly misrepresented.
  2. And now for the very hard truth. The climate changes over time, it always has and always will. This will mean some areas become less attractive and others will become more attractive. The insurance companies exist to make money and will use any excuse to pump up the premiums. This is the adult world. Deal with it. Understand that if we could magically stop emitting CO2 and magically reduce the amount in the atmosphere to pre industrial levels tomorrow, the climate would still change. Housing prices and insurance would still vary. And welcome to the forum.
  3. Are you freaking mentally deficient? Seriously? I've been arguing that there must be something suspect in the figures for a number of posts and every responder has disagreed with me. How can you in the name of freaking sanity ask that question? If you don't think the bloody figures for the USA are correct, then why in the name of Thor are you arguing? Jesus wept.
  4. Sorry Cap, I wasn't out to dismiss or even argue the points. I was making an observation concerning another factor that needs to be added to the equation. People are not cut and dried and so move according to many factors, a major one being belief. (Although now you know how I feel a lot of the time. ) People who are confident in their intelligence and knowledge are quite unlikely to change their stance even when shown to be wrong. To admit to being wrong if to admit to being inferior and many people just can't do that. Intelligent people are also more easily fooled because they have con
  5. And again the main question is sidestepped. Ringer, even if what you say is true then it would apply to all or most developed nations and so the rate for electoral fraud would be similar in all nations. The point here is that it is not. The question is "Why?". Either there is a reason or the figures are suspect. People keep saying the figures must be right, but cannot supply any sort of logical reason in explanation. This isn't about whether electoral fraud is less common in the US compaered to murder, nor is it about comparing apples to oranges. It is comparing the rates for various c
  6. Unfortunately Cap, it has been my experience that they are often the easiest to fool too.
  7. And quite misses the point I'm making. akh, people do things for "the cause", and they do terrible things. It wasn't that long ago that white hoods and burning crosses were seen in the US, are you suggesting that a population containing people who would lynch a n***** wouldn't do voter fraud? The point is that it is out of step by such a margin that a really good explanation is needed. Using the UNDOC figures, (scroll down for the by nation/per 100,000) you find Australia for homicides is 1 and America is 4.2. On a purely statistical basis I am 4 times as likely to be murdered in
  8. And my Dining room one has blown again....
  9. iNow, does that prove that better educated people lean to the left or that Universities are indoctrination areas for left wing thinking? I'm not arguing either way, but I'll bet a case can be made for the second.... ydoaps, the onlt problem I have with your answer, and it is quite possibly due to the differences in our systems is that you are essentially saying that when the Democrats control both Houses and the Presidency but fail to pass their Bills, it is the Republicans fault. So when the Republicans hold both Houses and the Presidency and fail to pass their Bills, whose fault is it
  10. Then you assume wrong. It also goes to show that you know so little about my nation that you need an education before commenting on it. If you, a Brit thinks that Australia is just Aboriginals and convicts, then you are a maroon. How about addressing my points rather than making offensive personal comments? Or is it that you can't and personal insults are the only weapons in the locker? Nor did I say at any point I was against immigration from anywhere, a nice little strawman there but utterly silly and useless in the conversation. How about the "Left" down here not supporting pol
  11. Got it. The figures are right and America has the bestest and truest system in the world. Americans will kill, rape and pillage at the same rates as the rest of the world but won't cheat at election time. This is because cheating in an election is just so much more wrong than murder, rape and importing illegal drugs from South America. The wider point that you avoided is that the stats for fraud are so far out of line compared to other crime stats that there must be a problem. Other crimes have similar rates across the developed world, why is this one different? Please divulge the
  12. Well that touched a nerve, I wonder why? Rather than a correlation, I based my comment on a lack of correlation. Those putting forward the idea of this extremely low rate have to explain why it is an outlier. Your argument is essentially that Americans will defraud, steal, rape, murder and assault at similar rates to the rest of the First world but won't cheat on elections. I'd like some sort of explanation as to why this is. If out of 50 States you had one that tracked with all the others on all figures but car theft was orders of magnitude lower, wouldn't you question as to why this is?
  13. Phi, I wouldn't be so sure. We prosecuted about 80 people at the last Federal election with some 14 million voters and the US is claiming about 90 prosecutions for 300 million votes. Either Americans are unusually and almost unbelievably honest, or someone is fudging the numbers.
  14. No offence, but I doubt it. He had the lower House numbers for the first two years of his first term and didn't seem to do much with them. (But that could be a wrong impression from far away.)
  15. Firstly I doubt that the OP poster has the foggiest about Nauru. While the nation does have a small police force, the guards at the new detention centre are quite numerous. Add to that, we are spending some $150 million on new facilities on the island and won't want to lose them. This means that if someone wanted to take over, "The Regiment" would be having a word with them. I can assure those interested that the conversation would be very short and extremely painful. Until we can dump our "progressive" government, we need Nauru, and after we dump them we will use the facilities until
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