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The Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

Radical Edward

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you never said whether you enjoyed the dream or not Hades. Umm, well we don't want to know.


despite being Radical Edward, my name is not Edward. I am a physicist by trade, doing a PhD in some physics thing, although biology is vastly more interesting.

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Hi I'm Skye and I'm amused by puffer fish. Mainly because I caught some the other day that were in little sand pools. How? By herding them onto the sand. Yes, they swam onto the sand. Fish. Swimming onto land. Not only that, but they then puffed themself up so they were even more screwed. I'm wondering whether it has anything to do with their tiny genomes. That, and just laughing my arse off at them.

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OMG! Rad-Ed what have you started here!????! :)))


I expect that this is far from your original and intended purpose of this thread? :)


{edit} chuck some fish guts in the water and see who bites eh :)

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i think this is a great idea for a Sticky, but at the current rate, the info it has is garbage. sorry guys, but i don't sugar coat.


how about you either fix this thread or delete this and make a new one except that the new one should have info like:


Name - First name would suffice

Degree/Education -

Area of science (studied and most likely to help)

Area of science in interest in addition to the already obtained/working-on degree (and most likely to help)


because the majority of the members do not fill out their Educational or Interest(science) fields in their profile and it angryfies me. :mad::mad::mad:


i think that can help restore some of the chaos this forums currently sport, but then again, that's just mine opinion and since i'm not an officer here, it may be irrelevant. but still, it's a thought, no?

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The thread's just a bit of a laugh to let new people see who's who really. It's not meant to be an authoritative list of people's scientific interests - after all, this is the discussions forum.


To be honest, the forums don't really sport any kind of chaos; they're quite sedate in my opinion. And people aren't obliged to put any information in their profile that is optional - some people value their privacy more than others for whatever reason. More than likely, people who would post their details on the thread already have their profile details filled in.

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Hi everyone, new member here - well not technically new since I've been reading for a few months, nice site you have here. I'm a PhD student at the institute of genetics at a university in the UK, and I hope I will be able to offer some interesting information within topics.


Nice to met you all - Fudo.

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bleh, after my last gripe in this thread, i'm yet to follow my own request. how ironic.




name's James

majoring in biological anthropology and interested in paleontology but the closest school specializing in that is a few hours away so that'll have to wait for a while.


major interests in: anthropology, genetics, biology, neurosciences, paleontology

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I felt guilty so I've deleted my old post and making this new, real one.


My name's Jesse Garman, but if you want you can call me by my middle name. It's "A". Doesn't stand for anything, just the letter by itself. I don't usually tell people that so accept it or else I'll... edit the post. I did my GCSE's and A-Levels two years early and am currently in the process of blowing that lead on more A-Levels and a gap year, the end result being that I might actually be able to socialise with someone in university.


I'm very much interested in science, particularly physics and even more particularly anything to do with space. I also like writing, and I plan to be a writier as well as a scientist in the future. Also, I love aliens, everything about them, although I don't believe they have visited the Earth and I think Star Trek's image of them is about as accurate as a milk clod is good at jetskiing (or something... but I still like Star Trek). Guess what genre of fiction I'm most likely to write about in the future? J'Dona is the name of one of the characters in a book I'm planning to write, and yes, she's an alien.


I'm a liberal, and an athiest turned agnostic. I'm liberal because I'm probably too young (17) to have any idea about what it really takes to run a country, but even if I did I'd still be a liberal because, well, I'm not going into it right now, just my personal opinions (actually I'm afraid of offending blike or fafalone even though they're wrong :D). I used to be an athiest but then I realised that athiests would have faith in the non-existance of god(s), which is unscientific, so agnosticism is the only logical way as far as I see it.


My top four internet browser bookmarks are:

- Strong Bad Emails

- goats.com

- 8-Bit Theater

- scienceforums.net <--- see? I like moderators. Don't ban me.


So, in conclusion... you should listen to your cableman. Cableman Jorje.


P.S. to admiral_ju00: Sorry if this is too long or non-serious, probably should set a limit for these things and I can edit it down. :/


EDIT: Fixed it for blike. ;)

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actually I'm afraid of offending blike or fafalone

Booo, when did we start becoming anti-opinion nazis? We may disagree just like any other user, but you won't get in trouble for it. BE LIKE SAYONARA AND TELL US WERE WRONG PLEASE>

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