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  1. Hey everyone again. It's been a long time since I've checked things out here on SFN. A lot of changes... Anyway, tonight I finally got around to taking apart an old guitar hero controller. I've kept the circuit boards thinking there might be something interesting they could be used for. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about circuits and electronics (really my weakest area in engineering studies so far). So does anyone have any ideas on something good that this can be used for and how one might go about doing so? Thanks.
  2. jordan


    Hey, that worked. Thanks a lot tree. If you don't mind one more think, what would be recomended over local files? Uploading them to a server?
  3. jordan


    Ok, I was afraid that they used something like that. So I guess I can just copy/paste the script since I'm only going to need about 5 pages. I'd just like them all to have the sidebar. As for the image links, I was just trying to get one to link to SFN since my actually file isn't ready yet. <a href="http://scienceforums.net"> <img border="0" src="c:\Documents and Settings\Java Programs\WebPage\SFN.bmp" alt="SFN" width="180" height="90"> </a> It works perfect in IE and the link part works in Firefox, I just can't see the image. I guess I should also mention that although it's a .bmp file in this case, I have tried .jpg and .gif. It just happened the last one I tried before copying with .bmp. None work.
  4. jordan


    tree, I'm aware I hijacked the thread but it's pretty much dead as I can tell. I'm sure one of the mods will split it if necessary. Klaynos, I was told frames are bad for layouts. You even say that... Looking at wikipedia as an example, there's a list of links down the side that correspond to a page in the middle of the window. The links aren't affected by the page opening in the middle. How is that done?
  5. jordan


    I figured I'd reopen an old thread for what should be a short question. I'm trying to build a very simple webpage that has a few images as links. Same as most websites, there is a list of links in a left hand column of a table and then the main page is on the right. I'm having two problems. 1) It wont display the images in Fireforx. They come across just fine in IE and the links work in Firefox, the images just wont show. 2) I can't figure out how to get the links in the left cell to open in the right cell. At this point I'm starting to think it has something to do with creating a CSS sheet. I've never really done anything with webpages before. I just need these two things to complete a small concept design for work. I've searched the web for hours now. Can anyone give any ideas?
  6. I always figured it would be a good idea to start the year off by introducing a problem (currently impossible for the students to solve) that incorporates as many of the topics of the class as possible. Then as you start building up knowledge and concepts in the class, the application of them should start to become apparent in this big problem. It ties everything together at the end and shows some application. I'm sure it's not possible to find a nice problem like this for every course, but for many it should be.
  7. I'm having a little trouble with some of my homework here and need a little guidence. The problems are both proofs and I have a lot of trouble deciding what a conclusive proof is. I'm looking for a little hint on what might be a good first step or two in showing the following two things: 1) Let (v1...vn) be a spanning set for the vector space V and let v be any other vector in V. Show that v,v1,...,vn are linearly dependent. I'm just having trouble conclusively showing in this one that the coefficient on v must be some combination of the others. I know it's true through common sense but I can't prove it. 2) Let V be a vector space. Let v1, v2, v3 and v4 be vectors in V. Assume that {v1, v2, v3} is linearly independent and that {v1, v2, v3, v4} is linearly dependent. Prove that v4 is in Span(v1, v2, v3). Same as before, I can see why it's true but can't prove it. Any help?
  8. This java thing is really starting to bug me. I can't figure out how to use the libraries. I downloaded netbeans to try to write a program, and I did. But it wont run because I know neither what libraries I have nor what objects are available in those libraries. Does anyone know how to find a comprhensive list of the libraries available to me (their names) and what objects are in them?
  9. I looked at scintilla klaynos...thanks. But I still can't figure this all out. Maybe it's just me, maybe it's because I started with MatLab and html but why doesn't there seem to be any easy way to type in Java code, hit a button and watch it execute. I haven't found how to execute my program on any text editor yet for Java...
  10. I've done stuff with MatLab but that was a lot simpler than this is...
  11. Hey guys, I need help getting started programming in java. Does anyone have any suggestions as to (most importantly) a program I can use to write any program and compile it in java? And then secondary is a website that might be very useful for explaining the basics to programming? Don't worry, I have already googled the second question and found something decent but I'm asking if there are suggestions as to which is the best to learn from. The first, I have no idea where to start. I don't exactly understand what the advantage/disadvantage to each program is and google doesn't really help me solve that either. I'm looking for as much help getting started in java programming as possible because my teacher really isn't very helpful and I can't get it on my own. Thanks.
  12. If you really want to know...
  13. Most engineering firms I've seen (at least in my limited exposure to them) work in English Units. It took me a while to adjust.
  14. Yeah, do share the idea. I've done some small film making myself (nothing good ever came of it though...) but I'm interested to hear what you have.
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