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  1. Are you a fan of Gene Wolfe's The Book of the New Sun? ;)

  2. Limit of Gamma Functions product

    I don't think it has a wel defined limit. For large v, it will grow like v! (that is a factorial, not an exclamation). Edit: Ack! I take that back. I missed the s^(-v/2) at the front, which is exponential decay. The exponential trumps the factorial, so I think the limit is 0. Edit 2: Err... no, I think factorial trumps exponential, so now I am back to thinking it is infinite. Let's just check with mathematica..... and yes indeed it is infinite.
  3. what is "q" (the charge) in higgs mechanism?

    If you could write the equation down where it appears, we might be able to tell you. Otherwise it is like asking on a web forum if anyone knows what my friends middle initial "Q" stands for.
  4. University

    I hear that MIT is OK. Also Berkeley, Harvard, CalTech, Princeton, Cornell, Chicago, UC Santa Barbara in no particular order.
  5. I see no reason why abiogenesis can't be divine creation.
  6. Dark Matter and Dark Energy

    No DM candidate that has been proposed has "no interaction" with matter. All of them do. But the neutrino itself is incredibly difficult to manipulate, so a very poor choice in using for DM discovery.
  7. Can we have more flash Mobs like this one.

    Playing Beethoven is fair enough, but why the mockery of pretending that it is somehow spontaneous?
  8. Proper Mass redux

    Firstly, your maths is wrong. Secondly, the rest mass of the photon is zero, so [math]E=pc[/math]. Thirdly, "zero" does have meaning.
  9. An alternative to quarks?

    Well, are you able to predict any of the meson masses then?
  10. Can we have more flash Mobs like this one.

    That isn't a flash mob. It was clearly organised. Just because people don't all come at once doesn't make it a flash mob. Seems a bit pointless to me. Don't they have anything better to do?
  11. Dark Matter and Dark Energy

    What makes you think the neutrino has anything to do with dark matter? It could be, since the sneutrino is a candidate, but it seems rather unlikely.
  12. An alternative to quarks?

    newts: Can your theory predict the proton mass or the pion mass?
  13. Why Scientific Realism might be false?

    I have to ask again: why? I can see no reason why both cannot be real, and you have presented no reason why both can't be real. In fact, the only thing that can be in conflict with current scientific findings is something that is measured under scientific conditions and is reproducable. Most religious traditions do not qualify, so can't be in contradiction with science.
  14. The XENON Dark Matter Project

    It is rather obvious that this result is not evidence of dark matter. But it is also not evidence that dark matter doesn't exist, even in particle form. There is still plenty of room in the parameter space.