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  1. rigney

    Yay, GUNS!

    You and I are not even on the same page! This happene was in a school cafeteria, not on a school bus. And "NO," guns are for the sanely rational, not those with an irrational syndrome known as youth.
  2. rigney

    Sandal Watch

    Why is race the issue? Eventually we will all have to do some work to exist. Bucks version was a fun thing, Meryl's, says a mouthful, this says it all regardles of creed, color or conviction. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1yb4UtwJgE
  3. rigney

    Sandal Watch

    What an idiot you are to make such a distinctive statement in your excutivev positition!. Have you lost all sense of credulity, accusing me of having a bit of fun with total ignorance? If so, then <EDITED BY MOD TO REMOVE FOUL LANGUAGE>! It's better to cut and run from this B.S. than listen to your idiotic reasoning for tearing someone down. I only hope any new group gets on to you, and."fast" ! You my friend, are an intellectual idiot. ! Moderator Note Edited by moderator to maintain a child-friendly atmosphere and remove profanity
  4. rigney

    Sandal Watch

    “Ya gotta luv this”: http://www.theburningplatform.com/?p=51019 Even Buck made a few dollars with this version:
  5. rigney

    Yay, GUNS!

    This post has almost slipped from the table, but let's not forget it just yet. Yesterday a conviction of 1st Degree Murder was handed down to a Hi School student here in Gaugua County, Ohio. I can't go into the particulars because they are too deep and involved. But is this a face of a killer showing the type of smugness that perpitrates such violance by saying! You don't dare kill me, so put my ass in prison, give it your best shot and all of you be damned? Have i missed something? http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/03/19/17370830-ohio-school-shooter-wearing-killer-t-shirt-sentenced-to-life-in-prison?lite
  6. md65536 Posted Yesterday, 04:54 PM Might be just BS: A sphere is one of the simplest shapes, where every point on its surface is equidistant to a particular point. If the universe had a definite center, and a shape, then "spherical" would be quite a simple shape. Planets etc. have a center of mass. A sphere is like... the best approximation of "flat" across the entire surface of a 3d shape, maybe??? Like... flat land is closer to a spherical Earth than are mountains. Gravity pulls things toward the center of mass, roughly, filling the valleys and tending toward a spherical shape as a stable shape. Same with water droplets: "mountains" have more surface area than flat land; surface tension also tends toward flatness as stable rigney: Try as I might, there is no way for me to describe the universe spherically without giving it boundries and dimenson. So, I'll I use the dandelion for demonstrational purpose. Think of each seedlet without its connecting tendril as an individual galaxy moving away vectorially from a fixed central point, out into an endless continuum. With no peripheral boundaries, ie. (creation of new space and time) to impede velocity and direction, you might think each galaxy would keep on course forever? But not so! While a galaxy must try following its basic trajectory and speed laid out at the time of formation, these rules can and will be broken over time. For instance, we know our moon is moving away from earth constantly. And even though the separation is very subtle, something like 1/8" inch per year, it is happening none the less. What will be the nightmare when this attraction is lost and each goes its seperate way? Planets, moons and asteroids, down to the last speck of free moving dust in each galaxy is controlled by a perpetual constant of the overall universe. Time!, undoubtably billions of years was needed to fine tune this balancing act we witness today. How else could a planetary system such as our own, even exist? What is written here are mostly ideas I have plagiarized from others or hype with no substance. Take your pick. https://lacamw.bay.l...head.jpg?psid=1
  7. I'm not ungrateful for your explanation, but somehow such logic simply flies by my ability to process it. Am I totally ignorant? Possibly! But there are too many variables to decipher for me conceding 'carte blanche" to such an idea. Firstly, the dot game gives me "the willies". If the universe is indeed expanding, why aren't the dots also expanding ? I've read somewhere that it's because gravitational forces hold galaxies together, etc.Then I find that our Milky Way and Andromeda will lock horns at some future date. While the possibility of billions of years may be needed for this happening, it doesn't say much for expansion, in that sense. While I believe our universe began at a central point, it may not have been as a Big Bang, but more like a dandelion. Ran across this bunch of Q. and As. And while I can't bring myself to believing in most of them, some do make sense. Enjoy! http://www.pbs.org/wnet/hawking/html/uns_answer.html
  8. By the way, a dandelion is the best I can do in describing how our universe works. It seeds, grows into adulthood, comes to fruition and dies, only to begin all over again, https://lacamw.bay.livefilestore.com/y1mb87vD20Ls0M5dxr53lsyjKLMEYQ-8IlyTN7a8fFahQfQpHVrSGy-B3azrF_dFvlwOw4KADE_xmrPlil3G7GrX4Smd-2rA8CTazRRBgrzMqI/DandelionSeedhead.jpg?psid=1
  9. Your expanation is a bit over my head, but I have read that sand at the Trinity blast site was ransformed into glass by heat generated during the first A-Test. http://www.kilroywashere.org/004-Pages/Trinity/Trinity.html I Like your moniker. http://www.google.com/#hl=en&sa=X&rlz=1W1ADFA_enUS504&q=popcorn+sutton&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAGOovnz8BQMDgxYHsxCXfq6-gWlevElBjhISW4svILWoOD8vODMltTyxsphV26f6jOzM1b6eSS8FHracfu92ajIAQwj1SEcAAAA&npsic=0&ei=M9JHUdWfBaGDywH1g4HwBQ&ved=0CCoQrxo&lei=M9JHUdWfBaGDywH1g4HwBQ&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.43828540,d.b2I&fp=48b21a1831f5683c&biw=1280&bih=515
  10. Your quote: Again, the BB was not an explosion. It was not a sudden release of energy propelling matter into a pre-existing space. There was no pre-existing space. The BB happened, and is still happening, everywhere at once. Every point in space is expanding away from every other point (outside of gravitationally bound entities), unquote I suppose my ignorance is what keeps me (keeping on, keeping on). While I've never professed to being the sharpest nail in a keg, I try to use logic. To make such an unproven hypothesis as you have stated, leaves me with little wiggle room. While I'm not saying your findings are wrong, it's only that I simply can't rationalize such a concept. If you could go into some detai to explain it, I would be more than appreciative.
  11. The US and Russia conducted many Nuclear Tests back in the 60s. Inerestingly enough, this test was done at Johnsons Atoll in 1962. If nothing more than conjecturel, read the difference between "atmospheric bursts and those done in outer space". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-altitude_nuclear_explosion#Differences_from_atmospheric_tests
  12. Unfortunately I can't argue the physics and calculus necessary to extrapolate such logic. My main question again is, why does everything in the universe seem to be rounded? This, from galaxies, suns, planets, moons, orbits and even on down to include tear drops? To say the BB was not an explosion is as delusional as my protesting that it was nothing more than that. What proof is there that the universe is flat or hyperbolic, other than the crunching of a bunch of numbers?
  13. Gotta try once more. It is now theorized the universe is flat. My question! Since I've never seen a flat balloon unless deflated, how come it is suspected to exist in such a configuration now?
  14. My explanation was suggested only as a comparison to creative semantics. If the BB was a static balancing act of all materials located in the continuum at one point as a singularity, then, to my thinking, any explosion should have been distributed spherically, vectorially and equally in all directions. Hope this gives you a better understanding of my view?
  15. Having been over this subject many times, I have still to find a satisfactory answer matching my dull wittedness. So, if I may, let me try again Could a nuclear blast be comparable in design and distribution to that of the Big Bang? While the actions of such a device would be infinitely smaller, if a test could be performed under pristine conditions such as in a continuum, with no forces acting upon it, would the explosion be hyperbolic, flat, or spherical in design as one might expect? Even with all of natures forces acting against them, each of the following explosions try remaining globular in shape. Why? http://picdit.wordpr...ear-explosions/
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