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  1. I would not say the physics is the same, as SR is surely based on the constancy of one-way lightspeed. It is just that no experiment can be done to distinguish between the theories if the followers of SR decree that both theories make the same experimental predictions. This thread is really bringing out the best in people. First Swansont makes a joke, now Uncool acknowledges the wisdom of the Bible. Perhaps you would like to apply the beam and mote theorem to Dawkins’ ridicule of religion and the Cool Fox’s lambasting of astrology, in light of the fact that both appear to accept the po
  2. I would say physics contains 3 distinct elements: 1. ‘The laws of physics’, which Newton might have referred to as God’s laws, which never change. 2. ‘The current laws of physicists’, which Newton might have described as man’s paltry attempt to explain God’s laws. Which are always partly right and partly wrong, and change from age to age. 3. The scientific experimental method, developed by Newton et al, which works very well and therefore need not be changed. It could be said that the Wright brother succeeded because: 1. ‘The laws of physics’ are what they are. 2. They ign
  3. http://www.relativity.li/en/epstein2/read/i0_en/i5_en/ http://www.cartesio-episteme.net/H&KPaper.htm
  4. Actually he did. Or as ACG52 himself might have put it, he did, he did, he did, he did, he did, he did, he did, he did, he did …… Hafele + Keating certainly manipulated the data so that they could achieve fame by pretending that they their experiment had verified relativity. But the basic principles of gravitational and speed time-dilation, which H+K falsely claimed to have verified, are well supported by the GPS and the fact that atomic clocks keep the same time at sea level. That depends what you mean by ‘time’ and a ‘clock’. Relativity predicts that experiments will give the sam
  5. I understand that you believe SR devoutly, and that you find it very upsetting that there are infidels who do not share your faith, as you have said so many times, indeed I cannot recall you ever posting anything much else. But can you justify your belief by explaining why SR is necessary for computers to work?
  6. The modern theory of relativity was created by Lorentz et al, based on the speed of light being constant relative to the aether. Lorentz’s aether theory (LET) is simple and logical, and correctly predicts the result of experiments. SR contains no original maths, Einstein just copied Lorentz’s equations. SR is essentially LET except that all observers pretend that their reference frame is stationary in the aether, which is of course nonsensical. SR is unfalsifiable because the high priests merely ordain that it makes the same predictions as the correct theory of nature LET. When educated
  7. The religious extremist Dawkins proclaims that planes fly because of science, and his disciples blindly accept the lie as gospel. The reason there are planes flying around is that people invented them in defiance of accepted scientific belief, not because of it. In the late 19th century, the leading physicist Lord Kelvin declared them impossible, but a bunch of crackpots ignored the experts and invented them anyway. Frank Whittle encountered similar resistance from the experts with his jet engine. This does not prove that physics in general holds back technology, as there are many counte
  8. As Ringer says, words have their limitations but so does maths. Your question is meaningless unless somebody knows what a yard is. The easiest way to do this would be to show them a 1 yard stick, but you would still need to tell them in words. Using maths to explain a yard would be impossible unless they already knew what say an inch was. In the absence of air, the distance flown would be calculated by balancing the vertical component of the velocity with gravity to calculate the time of flight, and then assuming the horizontal component of the velocity remains constant. That is a princi
  9. Even though the experiments cannot be performed exactly as I described, you should still be able to judge what the results would be. Diagram 1 involves a wire and an electron both stationary relative to the lab. In diag 2 the electron moves relative to the lab. In diag 3 the whole experiment in 2 is put on a conveyor belt. Alternatively the observer could have been put on a conveyor belt and moved to the right at 1 m/s. It is a yes/no question as to whether the electron accelerates towards the wire. The force cannot be calculated as I have not specified the number of moving electrons i
  10. Why is it that people here are so reluctant to discuss physics, and only seem to want to argue about the meaning of words? Or should that be “How is it that people here are so reluctant to discuss physics, and only seem to want to argue about the meaning of words?” In the first diagram the electron does not move towards the wire, in the second and third it does. Do you agree?
  11. How do I delete this post?
  12. I am sorry words cause you so much distress, so to ease your affliction I have drawn you a picture.
  13. Maybe you consider Feynman to be so great, that you have to accept the literal truth of everything he says? It is perhaps pointless to ask why the universe exists, and only a fantasist like Hawking would consider that a question of physics. Asking why things burn is not pointless. A couple of hundred years ago people like yourself would have been convinced it was explained by phlogiston, and would have been upset to hear phlogiston described as an imaginary being. Nowadays we know that burning just involves electrons and atomic nuclei rearranging themselves and emitting photons, which is
  14. If you had said which current theories you believe to be correct, which wrong and which dodgy, that would have been interesting. It would also be interesting if you would explain why you do not share your opinions. Merely taking offence at whatever I post, not so interesting. As you know, special relativity is deemed to give the same results as the Lorentz aether theory. What I would like you to do is explain magnetism using LET, for the special case where the earth is stationary in the aether. Then I can evaluate what the theory actually means, no calculations needed at this stage.
  15. I did not mean to sound ungrateful, rather to try to get more focus on the physics. I like the fact that in your posts you frequently state that it is likely that some current theories are wrong; but I am not aware of you ever stating specifically which theories you consider wrong. I guess if you did, you would be in trouble with your colleagues; but if everybody is too afraid to be controversial, how can wrong theories ever be replaced? Thanks for providing the physicists’ explanation. Obviously whoever came up with that theory knew the answer he wanted to achieve, but the problem
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