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  1. When I understand you correctly, you say that the universe in its current state just happened without purpose, without any force that created it that way, that gravity and all other laws of physic are not developed or used by the universe itself or some little creator force in the universe but that everything just happened because mathematically there is a chance for this. That this happened by randomness. Because when having a lot of possibilities mathematically Something like that can just happen. Can I compare this randomness of creation, to throwing a huge dice? And depend
  2. Yes, beauty enters the world through our existence. A star or a rock can’t find the universe beautiful, but we can. But there is a foundation out there in the universe that is needed for me to find the universe beautiful. Because why does the universe evolves to more complex life forms? Why doesn’t the universe say, ok, mikrobes are fine. Worms are ok. Why all the long jouney to us? Why using evolution to develop the species? I mean, if there is no will or no wish, then there wouldn’t be the complexity. I mean, couldn’t the universe life with just rocks, or simple life forms? Why all t
  3. Everything seems to have a beginning and an end and some kind of development or change between these two stages. I as a human being have a beginning and an end. I know I can't life forerver. Maybe if I would live forever and wouldn't have concepts of beginning and end the idea of the universe as beeing there since eternety would not be so strange to me. But in the world I experience nothing comes out of thin air. There is some causation. I mean if there would be nothing, I would not be bothered so much by existence. Or if the universe and life wouldn't be so complex and beautiful a nee
  4. Dear Science Community, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I would like to get to know your opinions and assessments of my questions. I did not study science and in school I was not the best in these topics. But now a new interest in these topics arises and I will read some biology, chemistry, physics and math books. But I cannot wait until I read through all these books to ask my questions. So I would like to get your scientific insights on the following questions and please excuse my lay non-scientific view on everything. First of all a description of how I cou
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