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  1. When I understand you correctly, you say that the universe in its current state just happened without purpose, without any force that created it that way, that gravity and all other laws of physic are not developed or used by the universe itself or some little creator force in the universe but that everything just happened because mathematically there is a chance for this. That this happened by randomness. Because when having a lot of possibilities mathematically Something like that can just happen. Can I compare this randomness of creation, to throwing a huge dice? And depending on how the Dice is thrown, humans can be created, or other creatures, or just no life at all. And by throwing the dice just something is created in the universe? Yes, you are completely right. Why this matters to me so much, is that my soul wants to be in a safe harbor. That I am not "lost" in this big wide universe all alone. I had struggles with finding life purpose all my life, and it's not over yet (although I have 3 wonderfull kids and a very nice wife, It helps a lot of course but this little nagging insecurity / lostness is still there). But I have no problem what so ever to say "I don't know". I am neither a theist nor an atheist. I would consider myself an Agnostic. Because I say, I don't know what’s it all about, I don't know if god exists. I can’t make a conclusion just on what I know and the experience in life. So I am very fine with saying " I don't know". But still this question is a very interesting one and I like to broaden my view and get new input… this time a scientific one. I mean when god exists this means, that we have some kind of purpose. But now when I think about your words and the role god plays, it feels more than a parent who made but then abandoned us. But still I think It would be slightly better, just to know we were made by purpose. But Ok I understand that my human categories should not be applied to the functioning of the universe. This idea is really new to me and very strange beginning to think that way. I mean of course I thought about that no god exists, and the universe is what it is without god. But erasing The idea that something was created out of nothing (in contrast to something always have been there), a willful Development of life or complexy. This idea of complete randomness just by mathematically probability is new to me. Ok, but someone created this game of life. Someone invented the rules. So who invented the rules of the universe. Did they just happen by throwing the dice of existence?
  2. Yes, beauty enters the world through our existence. A star or a rock can’t find the universe beautiful, but we can. But there is a foundation out there in the universe that is needed for me to find the universe beautiful. Because why does the universe evolves to more complex life forms? Why doesn’t the universe say, ok, mikrobes are fine. Worms are ok. Why all the long jouney to us? Why using evolution to develop the species? I mean, if there is no will or no wish, then there wouldn’t be the complexity. I mean, couldn’t the universe life with just rocks, or simple life forms? Why all the effort in creating higher life forms? What does the univers “gain” out of it? If the answer ist nothing, so whats the matter of starting the evolutionary process in the first place? Nietzsche said: “There is only a perspective seeing, only a perspective "knowing"; and the more affects we allow to speak about one thing, the more eyes, different eyes, we can use to observe one thing, the more complete will our "concept" of this thing, our "objectivity," be.” As a human being I have a persepective, maybe we can not get rid of a perspective completely. I think we are far away from understanding the universe as it is. To many open questions. I mean with the same basis of scientific knowledge, some scientists decide, that they believe in god. Others don’t. They have the same raw material but make their own conclusions out of it. We do not have the evidence yet, to say how the universe truly is.
  3. Everything seems to have a beginning and an end and some kind of development or change between these two stages. I as a human being have a beginning and an end. I know I can't life forerver. Maybe if I would live forever and wouldn't have concepts of beginning and end the idea of the universe as beeing there since eternety would not be so strange to me. But in the world I experience nothing comes out of thin air. There is some causation. I mean if there would be nothing, I would not be bothered so much by existence. Or if the universe and life wouldn't be so complex and beautiful a need for god wouldn' be there. If there only were a plain rock planet and only a few worms, and I would be one of the worms, maybe I wouldnt think, wow this is so amazing, this must be made by a creator. When I go into a kitchen and I find some wheat flour and some ther powders lying there. Ok . But if there is a cake with 5 storeys, nice color, ornaments, and a fantastic smell and it tastes delicious, I say, wow, who did that? How can a fantastic cake compound itself and it no big deal...
  4. Dear Science Community, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I would like to get to know your opinions and assessments of my questions. I did not study science and in school I was not the best in these topics. But now a new interest in these topics arises and I will read some biology, chemistry, physics and math books. But I cannot wait until I read through all these books to ask my questions. So I would like to get your scientific insights on the following questions and please excuse my lay non-scientific view on everything. First of all a description of how I could imagine the universe and god could be. God is a creating life force. This force created the universe and the laws of physics, etc. Through trial and error this force develops itself and its creation further. The big bang was the start. Now the universe develops itself and leads to life on earth. Maybe this is not the first big bang. Maybe the big bang before didn’t create life. So the universe starts all over again, changes its composition, and next time everything works well and a planet is in the perfect distance to a star and magically life begins. And all our experiences as aware, living beings are fed to this life force. God experiences its own creation through us (our eyes, our experiences, our look on the creation). Now knows our perspective, our view on this creation. And maybe learns more and next time can create an even better existence. Now a few questions where I hope to get your scientific view on. 1.) How can something be created out of nothing? When you say, there is no god, no creator, then matter needs to pop out of nothing into the world. How can this happen? Is there a scientific law that says, yes that’s possible? I mean isn’t it the biggest wonder of all, that there is something instead of nothing. That there is an existing universe at all? We live in a world with a lot of beauty, complexity, things working hand in hand and consciousness. Isn’t this a bit too much for just a coincidence where matter created itself out of nothing, and no one (no creator) cares that this just happened? Where does this will to beauty, complexity, etc come from? It seems to me, that something wants to live. Something wants to be complex, etc. 2.) If you say, yes there is a god or a creator, is this easier or harder to explain? I mean god needs to create itself out of nothing. Is it easier for matter to be created out of nothing, or god to create itself out of nothing? 3.) Will science ever be able to gain knowledge about god and give a definite answer about its existence in the future? Is it possible through new technology or the next Einstein to gain something that we do not have today, that will make it possible for science to say something about god, or will this be impossible forever no matter what? 4.) Why can’t god be supernatural? When there is a creator who created the universe and the laws of physic. Why does the creator then have to abide by his / her own laws? Isn’t the creator bigger than live and can be supernatural? Maybe an analogy of what I mean can help. The first person who invented chess set the rules. The king can only move one field per round. Now let’s say the king has a little consciousness and says to himself. I can only move one field. More than one field is not possible, this would bend the rules. But now I as a human being can change the rules and say to myself my king can move 3 fields, and I just do it. I do not have to abide by the laws that I set in the first place, you know what I mean? When something created gravity and atoms, etc. why can’t this something change the rules or live outside the ruleset? I am really looking forward, to read your feedback!! Thank you for your time, I appreciate it. Best regards, Daniel
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