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  1. OMG I love berserk!

  2. My apologies. I won't do it anymore. It's ridiculous though that some starts a conversation with an insult. Hi my name is "whatever" You guys are morons, *insert topic* No offense to the staff but people are place lies and insults continuously, where to the point where half the discussion is about expressing fallacies and topics being 6 pages of nothing. I make one or two remarks that are out of line and I am the one being pointed out? I don't come here to read this sort of crap. I can get that anywhere else. I left reddit for that specific reason. It's just peopl
  3. It's a good thing you provided past trivial accomplishments that have really nothing to do with any of us. At least now you can add making a fool out of yourself as a current accomplishment.
  4. Pangloss: That's an interesting point. I think the Obama administration has taken a good first step by making websites that give specific information to the public directly. I was a very skeptical person of the administration at first and I still am but how this administration has handled the issues lately has been impressive. It's too bad they can't create peer review panels for government lol. I think to these recent partisan wars have really opened my mind to what I do as well. I have no idea why I fall for it sometimes. I don't think I have been totally realistic. Maybe it j
  5. I would say you are put an unrealistic expectation on Obama to state exactly to amazing detail as how the stimulus package will work out. The man can't read the future.
  6. I sort of like that as well, I find my mind likes to drift off and go to outlandish places, after reading some of my own posts I usually get confused as to what my original intent was, and realize how far off I went from it. Especially with learn. I finding that I try to get the whole picture at once. That's almost impossible, so I am trying now to learn how to break apart elements into chunks and dealing with that. I think what I am going to start doing is train my mind to find out what specific idea I want to present and than work on them individually, step by step. For learning I h
  7. Given the recent discussion about plans failing or working (L vs R), Do you guys think if Obama's plans work out, that the whole left vs right thing will die down as well? This whole conversion from Bush to Obama has really kicked up the parties drive to make everything politic. I am pretty sure if Obama bought a dog, there would be a political story attached. Say a white poodle, would be seen as "Obama brings white slave to white house!" joke of course. Also have we sort of brought this upon ourselves with the vindictive behaviours (Atleast I can say I attributed to it) with the atta
  8. OK FINE! ACCEPTED! NOTED! WRITTEN DOWN! MARKED IN STONE. What does that have to do with the ability to properly discuss issues based on the merits of the proposal? That's the issue! there is no argument at all to against the bill. The fact that there are left extremist defending the bill with stupid tactic doesn't address that when the opposition to the bill has NO argument and reverts to tactics such as described by the OP doesn't change the fact that this tactic is NOTcreating stimulation or progressive dialogue over said issue i,e, health care reform.
  9. Navigator, you have an alternative idea to health care reform? If this bill is so horrible and disasterous, how come people are resorting to these tactics. I hear a lot "That won't work" but no why it won't work except for that the government magically can't do healthcare properly, with no real reason other than that they are government. On top of that there is NO alternative presented besides..."Free market!" It's not an argument. So how again is this method to opposing the bill presented which I doubt anyone has a great hold on to begin with will benefit form this course of acti
  10. dichotomy, I don't know if you notice...but you are full of shit lol, and I think you know it. You are picking apart unreasonable SINGLE examples of proof and making it seem as if it discredits the moon landing as a whole or at least places it in an unknowable "for sure 100%" category...FINE. Then after people get frustrated at other peoples inability to take scientific, logical, and rational approach, REPEATEDLY using the same method, you condemn them but not the other people? If you want to look at assumption why do you dismay that if there is indeed a suggestive nature to the te
  11. yes , probably

  12. hey did kenpachi really say that? i mean your signature..

  13. My history sucks but there was time when saying something about your leaders could warrant something close to captial punishment. I am just trying to illustrated the flipping from one extreme to another like government or societies interpretation of civil disobedience. It should be virtuous to act properly and coherently, the deliberate teaching of people to do the opposite is unacceptable, and should not be safe guarded under the disguise of freedom of speech.
  14. How is what Inow presented not factual and based on opinion? Has yelling and screaming become accepted as good argument? I thought that was mostly for 3-10 year old. We need to stop defending people who do not act properly. Sure it's counter productive to label, but when your opposition acts like a child the discussion is already at a stand still. This is bad, I think people are underestimating the seriousness of allowing this to happen. Our society is degrading in the opposite direction. !00 years ago this sort of behaviour would of been shunned and most likely criminal. I accept that
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