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  1. Ohh I see thanks for the explanation...As far as IDEs go...I like codelite. It comiples just about everything.. Cheers,
  2. Isn't it ironic that High-level programming languages are supposed to be easier to learn than low-level languages? lol
  3. Where do I find a link for VCStudio Express and can you tell me more about it?
  4. Well to be honest I've only browsed those sections and haven't really invested a lot of time exploring some of that stuff...(I do more with the compilers and txt editors) If I find anything of interest I'll let you know though... Cheers,
  5. Okay I got it running. I found a great tool called Furious-mount that mounts bin, cue , and iso files to a virtual drive...From there I just had to run the executable of the install through wine. Now my fear has come to fruition. The video quality is marginal and the sound and after installing Directx9 the intro video plays but it crashes when I go to play the game...like at the load screen. I'm pretty sure its some kind of conflict of interest between directx9 and wine. Just wanted to give an update. Cheers,
  6. Yea I've got the latest stable version of Wine and it works great for my other games. The only problem is that in order to get RoN to install I've got to download a bunch of dependencies and install them through the shell....Which is always an organic process and never fun..Classic all nighter. I appreciate your answer nonetheless. Cheers,
  7. No this paper wasn't legit at all. Did you happen to notice that most of the images used are from various species of micro-organisms right here on Earth? Why hasn't 'Science' or 'Nature' came out with anything? Are they out of the loop? Yea right. Don't feed me bologna and call it filet Mignon. Cheers,
  8. If you are interested in trying out a new OS look into edubuntu. Ubuntu in general actually has a lot of software that is quite good at modelling physics, biology, chemistry, etc phenomena. On their software center they have a whole section devoted to science and another to education. The best part is that its all free and extremely easy to download. Cheers,
  9. Hey just had a quick question regarding ROS. I'm running a linuix distro right now (Ubuntu) and have been trying to run a downloaded copy of 'Rise of Nations' (its from my original hdd) and have decided that setting up a virtual drive to mount the iso on is too much work with not enough return (issues reported include mouse problems and no sound when running the game). So I was curious about using a new OS to run the windows program. ROS shares alot of the API with windows but its built from the ground up and I'm not real familier with its capabilities with regards to applications and there is no database that I could find that lists this information. Any help at all would be appreciated.. Cheers,
  10. You can speculate all day but I doubt you will end much further from where you began. We (collectively humans, specifically scientists) just haven't gathered enough data to come to an accurate conclusion imo. It's definitely worth going insane over, if anything is.
  11. Wow. To be totally honest, I'm impressed. Most of the people I know who do accept the bible as supernaturally inspired haven't even taken the time to learn Hebrew and Greek Aramaic. Might I ask how you managed to learn both languages? I'm getting at software...in particular. Cheers, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are some good commentated versions of the Gnostic gospels?
  12. The plane crash happened within the last few hours... It is much more difficult to prove a relation doesn't exist, than it is to identify its existence. Did you notice that the Pakistani officials have already 'ruled-out' terrorism? hmmmmmmm Pakistan is a major non-Nato Ally. This is a different situation.
  13. I would like to a raise a single point. Is there any suspicion amongst you all that the release of these documents is related to the recent plane crash in Pakistan? After hearing Ambassador Husain Haqqani reject the information contained in the documents I can't help but think that his country is involved in a very large operation. Whether this operation is bred of malice towards the West I will not say. Provide your thoughts,
  14. If you have the mental fortitude for this kind of exercise, by all means go for it. Be sure to let us know about the results..
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