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  1. Cheers for the reply, I think i should be fine with the mathematics side of it and im looking into the rest. Thanks, that looks like it could be very helpful. I have taken some books out of my University library and in my spare time am looking to pick up the basic knowledge and skills that I can then expand on. One of my books is a nice overview to computer science and so far it looks to be helpful. I have heard of a few of the things you mention and whilst right now, the majority mean very little to me, I hope I can get to a level where they become something I am very capable of
  2. I realise I could probably be massively out of my depth here, but i've recently gained a desire to learn and become capable in the world of computer science. Consequently, with such a massive field to learn about I was wondering where to start, and so basically I set up this thread to ask for any tips or recommendations of how to learn about it. Currently I study History at a university in England which leaves me with a fair bit of spare time but not much money and so im basically looking for help or free internet sites that can teach me the basics from which to develop a further understan
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