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  1. Working on a research titled "From Mind to Heart", Between Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, & Philosophy

  2. there are 3 things you have to check: 1. format of keys: String, Integer, .. 2. hash function: compatible with the keys 3. hash table size: depends on 3 things: a. hash function b. dataset size c. optimization factor (can be constant, or a function f(n) where n is the dataset-size)
  3. they use Action Script, which is compiled into a bytecode run by Flash Player, which has access to Facebook API, Computer Camera, Microphone, Keyboard, and Mouse
  4. Your questions are very simple and easy to solve ... question a talks about the case of having a graph made of two sub-graphs which are only connected through 1 edge, where nodes on its sides are considered critical question b is not simple, but to find that critical node, you have to go over all nodes in the graph, then check if there exist a circuit, then it's part of a cycle, and breaking it won't disjoint any sub-graph in that graph by removing this node note: you have to check for all edges connected to every node, if there exist a node that has no circuit, then it's a critical node
  5. Suffix Tree can be optimized for that purpose.
  6. I don't have much insight on Software Engineering, but Social Networks seem prominent.
  7. That's a misconcept, they code more, but if it's just programming then the result won't be a game Game development is the highest level of user experience (check User Experience Design)
  8. You know about Everything from nothing theory, given that we have a quantum creation operator and annihilation operator: 1. when a matter crash into its anti-matter, they annihilate .. resulting in energy 2. when a creation operator is activated, energy is consumed to create matter and anti-matter When all matter sums up, we get Zero, because for every matter there is anti-matter .. this is symmetry
  9. I also add .. that in game development, there're several things important to learn: - Object Oriented Theory - Trigger-Event Model - User Experience Design - Artificial Intelligence: Intelligent Search - Knowledge over end-user systems & devices (Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android .. Desktop, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone, Mobile) .. good luck
  10. Remember, it doesn't matter if you program with C++ or Java .. if you learn one high level Programming language well, you will realize that all high-level programming languages seem similar
  11. doing them in parallel is like two different people use each of these algorithms I think you should consider both of them in Analysis, to create a hybrid algorithm that consider the cons of both The only way using two different algorithms for an optimal solution, is to use two algorithms that for certain one of them is going to draw the short straw
  12. If you are not good at Programming .. there are other options, such as Creating this application using Microsoft Access, or buy the really-cheap Easy ERP software If you want the Programming choice, then here are elements you should consider: - Data Storage: Local or Online Database - Query Processing - Routine Procedures - Produce Reports - Data Backup - Printer Support - Email Support - Statistical Analysis
  13. By definition, no .. we cannot build an algorithm that represent life, but we can model life to some extent Check: Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
  14. It's very simple actually, It's known as the RE-NFA Mapping Here are online slides: SlideShare:RE to NFA
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