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    I love technology and everything that is related to it.
    I also enjoy playing video-games , watching movies , US TV-shows , sports and read sci-fi books.

    I want to travel across the world to expand my horizons by meeting new people and getting to know different cultures.
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    Deakin University / I.T
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    Computer Science
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    Im an open minded, easy going and down to earth guy.

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  1. The course is "Introduction to Programming". I have no previous experience whatsoever in programming . I only did "Logo" when I was ten but that doesnt count
  2. Dear ivanv , they're teaching us C# in the Introduction to Programming course and what the professor does is that he is lecturing about the new things that we have to learn , he is telling us what to study from the textbook and then he is giving us exercises to do for the next time. I did all exercises with a 80% overall success . I have manage to understand the language's basic concepts and how Microsoft Visual c# works. Now , that I have a big assignment to do with a lot of tasks with it I feel confused and dont know from where to start. I think that the fact that I started C# without knowing any other programming language was rough for me and also how the professor approaches the class is not good enough. I was looking at this video http://www.youtube.c...h?v=KnKFjNpA9J8 and I realize how important role does the professor plays in classes like Programming.
  3. Hello guys , I've been studying IT for 2 months now and I would like to share with you my thoughts about something. First of all, I wanted to study in this area because of my love on technology , computers , videogames ,etc. so it came naturally to study computer science . My dream is to be something on the videogame industry. So far , the 2 months that I study in this area Im studying Introduction to CS , GAME fundamentals and Introduction to Programming (C#). The first two are pretty easy and interesting subjects , the 3rd is also interested but I think that it's not my thing to code. I find it very difficult to understand . I have three questions for you guys : 1. Because Im not that good with C# , can I continue to C++ in the next semester ? As is a subject that I need to learn if I want to continue my studies in Gaming Development. 2. If programming isn't my thing what else can I do in order to study what I love ? 3.To be successful in the Computer Science area , you need to know at least one programming language? Thanks for your time , Georgios Tsoukatos
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