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  1. Those who say deplatforming doesn't work and it instead only amplifies the public sentiment who are in favor of said persons being deplatformed, I would just like to point you to Alex Jones. A perfect example of how deplatforming someone does infact work. Since being deplatformed Jones has had a considerable drop in influence and money. Which I think is a good thing. Now the monopolistic practices that lead to the vast majority of public internet communications to be content controlled by a few companies is problematic. Also the undemocratic means in which this content is regulated and m
  2. The recent news of gravitational waves is quite a big turn of events. I'm curious about the implications on the randomness of quantum information in space time. As larger objects that operate under relativity seem to follow the calculations exactly. I am wondering if quanta operate differently as they are effected by a greater than 0 constant in background gravity. Much how the surface of a body of water produces waves if there are items moving around on its surface. One could imagine that a spec of dust on the surface of this body of water would be much harder to measure, and its position
  3. While I agree with your overall point iNow and respect your knowledgeable opinion. It should be noted that some of the money that congress allocates for military expenditures is used for scientific research. (Of course usually its scientific research limited in the scope of providing a military advantage). But I think it should be noted that military spending has brought about significant scientific advancements, however at the same time those advancements could have been achieved through other conduits than simply military research. Where did you hear that many billionaires are leaving
  4. Just when I have hope for the progression of the United States, I read an article like this, http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/rubio-denies-climate-change
  5. Okay I should clarify, when i say "conservative" I mean the current platform of the Republican/Tea Party, and those who support that platform and the answer is yes, that is a foolish position and they are fools. To your second point, please then explain the fact that their are young conservatives and old liberals.
  6. I don't particularly believe that the United States voting populous is really that far right. Now measuring this is hard next to impossible, considering a lot of it is terminology. (Conservative is a more appealing term than Republican or that Progressive is a more appealing term than liberal.) That being said the demographics have changed so drastically in the last decade that I believe, unless the republican party does a major re-branding. They are destined to lose. Especially with their hard lined stance against everything good. I mean the Republican party has literally turned i
  7. The amount of anecdotal evidence to support statements is just ridiculous. Maybe when I have enough time I will counter with a thoughtful response that is sourced and backed up by facts. Or maybe I can just wait for iNow to respond haha. Finally I think this actually undermines the point you were trying to make "In my hospital the cardiology consultants got caught because they pushed for funding for an outpatient cardio clinic but they still saw their patients in the hospital. They were double charging for their patients. If you double charged a patient privately they would know about
  8. I think that two political parties are fine, as long as their are limits on spending and fundraising by all parties and candidates.
  9. Also Rand Paul and Ted Cruz will never win. True, however I don't think the Democratic party is quite as radical as the republican party at this time. I don't think Elizabeth Warren is as left wing radical as Ted Cruz is right wing radical.
  10. I am a market socialist as well. However defining terms mean really little when we have not done so much as to define them. capitalism, as in unleashed capitalism or laissez faire capitalism is really outdated and terrible. Social programs that are paid for cooperatively by the people through a progressive tax system are the aspects of socialism I support. They make the service available to all which benefits society, and it also makes the service cheaper per capita, provided the government is not corrupted by the influence of money. Infrastructure (roads, communications, etc) Hea
  11. That ticket would lose in the primary, in 2016. However it is obvious that the political landscape is shifting leftwards in the Untied States. Possibly 2024 Elizabeth Warren could win. But Bernie Sanders is a self proclaimed "socialist" no way he would make it through the vetting process, nor do I think he would want to be a vice president. I really think that it will be tough next to impossible for the GOP to win the president if they continue their current platform, only way it happens is if they elect a libertarian-esque candidate. The tea party republicans and traditional GOP just pola
  12. If you want us to sit here and say the the Russian government under Putin is a beacon of hope and a good example of a model Nation. It is just not going to happen. While he may not be Stalin, he certainly is not running a very progressive government by any means.
  13. alkis, I will not argue that Russia has these weapons, but the United States has the upper hand on Russia in any conventional ground war bar none. Furthermore, that war would never happen as I said earlier. It would be a cold war, one waged on the economic and geopolitical influence scale. One that the United States would also win. I don't agree with the imperialistic nature of the United States at all. I will however say that the United States is probably the most powerful country that ever has been.
  14. I think that their is a cultural/ language barrier between us, and unfortunately we cannot overcome that.
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