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  1. Question: Advanced Learning Techniques

    Nice insight, thank you so much! very useful.. Thanks!
  2. Question: Advanced Learning Techniques

    i will try, without Medications. For a while longer. Thanks
  3. Question: Advanced Learning Techniques

    i train 6 days a week, i am a pro muscle builder/personal trainer. At the moment for 25 people so yeah, i get the correct amount of training. sometimes, to much On i side note i was on google and i found this quote, like google was speaking to me Thanks for the comments.. PS: iNow what do you think about maybe taking, Anti Anxiety Medication/Adderall ?
  4. Question: Advanced Learning Techniques

    The only motivation i can think off is by, thinking that, the more knowledge i have. The more answers i shall also have in the end. I just do it for more know how thats the best answer i can give.. Thanks!
  5. Question: Advanced Learning Techniques

    Thank you so much for the comments so iNow, you said to pick a subject that i like the most, and find interesting. The problem with my mind is that i change my mind almost everyday, i get new interests, i see something and i pull a 110% boost on that subject, and then when the power of boost slows down. So do my interest for it, i have a hard time locking my self too one thing and working my way up that specific thing, i don't seem to have that lock that people have. I lost it some how, i am more open to things like for example i worked as a dj for a long time. So now i like all music genre i don't have a specific genre i like. And i studied medicine for a while worked as a medic, got more knowledge about medical know how from the army. followed the path of the army a while, got a new intressed in training, been training for a long time now, got an intressed in math. So i studied basic math for a while, the one thing i always liked most is computers/and programming. Then i try to cut out everything else, and keep my focus on that. But then i get the anxiety that i am missing out on other knowledge that is out there. So should i keep on ignoring what my mind wants or just keep on reading up on all knowledge. or so on, comments are welcome! any more insight please feel free to share. Thanks! some extra notes: i don't have that determination to complete something just because i have to that is my problem as well my persistence and dedication levels is on the down low, the only time i have a high persistence and dedication, is when i am researching for that specific thing. I am curently intrested in but it slows down after the "boost" goes down, how can you keep the persistence and dedication for a thing for a longer time, i think is the Technique i need to grasp. In short, i think more then i do.. i am a dreamer
  6. Question: Advanced Learning Techniques

    Thank you for your insight. I am looking. In general how to improve my learning. I love knowledge i try to learn everything i can, i don't stop at anything, but sometimes, i have a hard time with easy stuff i get the "lazy feeling" like i don't wanna do this but i do. But yeah hum, some times i think i have some kind of disorder. But i try to think positive. And i say too my self that i don't have any problems it just takes more time for me, deal with it. But then i get like anxiety feelings and i start to think about other things and what not. And my focus gets lost on something else. I have always had a hard time in school. I had hard time with the teachers, etc, and i did not get that proper learning time in school, i have always been my own teacher. so yeah hehe PS: i found a blog post with 77 Learning Techniques, seems like good Techniques, but i am still looking for insight. So please do comment, say something Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone, so i been working on how i can self-improve in my learning. Sometimes i find my self having a hard time solving a problem that some people can solve very easily. So i ask how can i improve my self, i train a lot at the gym to have a healty body, as well for the fun of it, but yeah a healty body gives the brain some more action, figure of speech. I eat right, i get a good sleep, i am googeling, trying to research some good techniques, i am kinda lost on some search words, so if you could help me out, & if you know any extra information on the subject. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Codefreak.
  8. You should start off with php as it is close to c and then go to perl and build up like that, or if you are a fast learner and have easy time learning new stuff then go right ahead too, C#/c++ coding
  9. Brain Question

    is it possible to record a set of math equations and turn it to brain waves and imprint it to the brain? i know this might sound crazy but i thought at least if you can't turn it into like sound that the brain can just pick up, can you maybe listen to like something for like a month and after your brain just automatically picks up the information when your sleeping, with a set of headphones. Sorry if this sounds totally crazy hehe i like to think outside of the box.. so inputs on this would be great ?..
  10. medical audiobooks

    Thank you sir.
  11. medical audiobooks

    Nice, helps allot. PS: on a side note, know any good like medical terms, lexicon site's like fast lookup on what a bleeding nose etc can be bad example but yeah you get my point. *(i hope)* Thanks!
  12. medical audiobooks

    Thank you so much
  13. medical audiobooks

    Hello everyone, i am sorry if this is the wrong section to ask but is there anyone who know where i could find medical audiobooks ? nice if it's for free but can pay for it. I have googled for a while now and all the ones i find are old. Text books are fine to thank you in advance. CF. PS: if i can get good medical websites as well that would be great (point me to the right direction)
  14. A Question That Need's an answer

    100 Views ? and only 5 posts something is not right
  15. A Question That Need's an answer

    Thank you for the help as for the exercise part i train 6 days a week, so yeah that part is done. more help would be great ! once more thank you !