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  1. Well since I was completely locked out of all mod systems without comment, discussing it in the mod forums isn't an option, now is it.
  2. Congrats Rob, this must be a wonderful day for you.
  3. ..but it is the first and most relevant forum I believe to still be appearing in the active topics module.
  4. blike makes Sayo an admin, which is clearly a slap in the face to me, and he tells me it's temporary to implement some discussed changes to the site. Sayo does something outside of that scope, so I deadmin (not demod) him pending clarification of what/why he was supposed to be doing. He posts a disrespectful remark about it. Then, rather than explain the issue, blike completely locks me out of all admin/mod functions without saying a word. blike, I've lost all respect for you on every level. Your actions were underhanded and an afront to human decency, and due to that and several factors regarding the clearly biased way you handle things, I feel obligated to bring this issue out so that the public may view it.
  5. Within what time period do you anticipate the beginning of space tourism, i.e. easy access to at least the established boundary of space on a large scale?
  6. Unfortunately I've been type B as of late :/ I don't even read new posts, I just check the post count for the day, make sure theres nothing weird going on, and leave the computer. Probably going to be like this till early Septemeber.
  7. Sorry, we're not going to censor speech or favor one side of a largely arbitrary non-scientific dispute. If you want to put pro-Israel ads on Google's adwords system, go ahead and do that, I'm sure they'll show up here too.
  8. fafalone


    He deserves what he got, keylogging large networks is ethically abhorrent, and we all know how liberal my ethical standards are.
  9. Sean O'Keefe needs to step down as leader of NASA. He's more concerned with Washington politics than science and the will of the people, both the public and those in his organization. Who's with me?
  10. And of course if you count chemical names, all bets are off and 310 is nothing.
  11. Yeah but at least it's going steadily now. We dropped off it completely, and reset a few months ago at over 1.2million, so it's moving up at a decent pace now.
  12. In fact I imagine the percent of smokers who are into nature is just about the same as in the general population.
  13. He hadn't made a public appearance in over 10 years because of it... for all intents and purposes, he died a long time ago. I'd like to see president bush get asked why he wants to ban one of the few promising research methods that could have already been advanced enough to help Reagan had there not been a funding ban (yes I'm aware the kind of advancement is a LONG shot even with sufficient funding, nonetheless it's possible).
  14. It's an appalling insult to science... but what do you expect from the same people responsible for Independence Day... I'm not saying either are bad movies, in fact I think they're both very entertaining, but you have to suspend your knowledge of science to enjoy it.
  15. It is, permissions must have never gotten fixed after the upgrade. Fixed now.
  16. I rarely lose much memory from alcohol, no matter how much I drink.
  17. Pull the 89 hardware out and put it in an 83 case
  18. I bet you know people who get headaches tho. One of the most common withdrawal symptoms.
  19. Caffeine is an addictive psychoactive drug, shame on you all drug addicts.
  20. I use different chemicals for my energy needs...
  21. Attracts electrons vs. attracts protons of a nucleus.
  22. Of course if Bush gets reelected, you won't have to choose between religion and nation.
  23. ...better check those laws, or you might be in some trouble. http://www.ageofconsent.com/ageofconsent.htm
  24. Of course when two professors disagree about something, we'd see some really good debating.
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