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  1. Muriatic acid is just another term for it, still can be any concentration. But I take it you're referring to the kind they sell in pool stores and such, and thats around 23-26% HCl by volume.
  2. Classes end here Friday (well after finals end for everyone else in FL...) then its PARTY ALL WEEKEND... and my last final is on the 12th... then SUMMER!!!
  3. http://www.wada-ama.org/docs/web/standards_harmonization/code/list_standard_2004.pdf Found that through olympic.org, so I'm guessing that's the guidelines they use. While it doesn't specificly state caffeine, but since caffeine is a stimulant it's covered under pharmacologically similar substances. And the list is hardly exhaustive, as the narcotics section makes no ban on the most powerful narcotics existing. There's probably a more detailed list somewhere, or they changed it this year, because the limit was 12ug/ml.
  4. Slippery slope. Take the IOC guidelines, have a cup of regular coffee before an event and you'll get stripped of any medals if they find out.
  5. http://www.reconsider.org/drug_enforcement_and_crime.htm New study suggesting that the drug war actually increases related crime (i.e. don't cop out with 'well sure if it was legal then it wouldn't be a crime' rubish, read it).
  6. It's disabled until we make a few changes regarding the point system.
  7. fafalone

    New PC

    More than eye candy... Alienware not only looks the coolest, but are far ahead of the mainstream companies as far as performance.
  8. New substances for athletes to use come out all the time tho, whatever body repsonsible for it bans new substances all the time... what are they basing it on?
  9. This brings us back to basic nutritional supplements, where do you draw the line between those and "performance enhancing drugs"?
  10. In a matter of hours from now, blike will be taking the single most important test of his life, the MCAT. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
  11. well actually... lets just say marijuana is not my substance of choice. and i know lots of people like me who can handle things once in a while without any problems or habituation... on another note, would you happen to be marzman from vb5?
  12. 50 posts makes it better to go search for another arcade forum than post to get up to that.
  13. There should be a way to just white-list this site so you don't have to disable all protection...
  14. Works for me... sure you clicked yes when it asked if you wanted to run the applet?
  15. You now need a minimum of 50 posts to play games in the arcade.
  16. I told it to do something and it walked up to the camera and gave me the no-no finger wave :/
  17. It was never actual assigned reading, but my biology teacher talked non-stop about the theory presented in it and some details of how that theory was created...
  18. Must be one of those british things no one else cares about.
  19. I wasn't away "nottingham" was an area in nepal, or even all of tibet.
  20. AMD Athlon XP1800+ 384MB DDR RAM ATI Radion 9000 Pro (128MB DDR) SB Audigy Platinum 17" LCD Display (and in summer, video out to a 40" TV) Wireless mouse/keyboard 40GBx7200rpm WD, 30GBx7200rpm Maxtor, 8.4GBx5200rpm WD 52x40x52 CD-RW 12X DVD-ROM Zip 100MB ..and of course, everything has the silver/black motif, and blue LEDs abound.
  21. Well the fact that he said hes looking for metaphysical theories for the experiments already disqualifies the experiments from happening/being meaningful....
  22. I have a high GPA in a science major at a top tier private university and coadmin this site, and I do things way beyond smoking a joint. My point is the stereotype that people who do such things is equally invalid, and I don't appreciate the comment "didn't think that would help uni.."
  23. Maybe once every few months. You can take your stereotypes of drugs being bad for grades and other academics and return to your cave
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