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  1. Most of the guests are usually search engines, particularly Google and Inktomi, but we do have alot more real people guests too. As far as number of users online, I think I've seen around 160. We do need to fix that tho.
  2. New members: May 2004 216 April 2004 186 March 2004 129 February 2004 114 January 2004 102 December 2003 77 November 2003 78 So it's steadily increasing.
  3. Wouldn't you need a lens rather than just mirrors to do that...
  4. Pascal is essentially obsolete.In HS (and common college courses), they either teach BASIC or Java to start off. Start off with BASIC, then move on to C++... be sure to learn the basics of APIs in BASIC before starting C++ tho.
  5. Sometimes moderation around here seems strict, but we do it to maintain our reputation as number one in quality if not quantity.
  6. The point was that we acted based on intelligence that indicated Iraq was an imminent threat.
  7. I'll work on getting the Hall of Shame back up, it lists all the banned users and the summary of the specific reasons for their banning (most are for flooding with spam). But the one thing that sums up the reason for all the bannings: through the poor caliber of their character, they offended other members and were detrimental to the integrity of the site as a whole.
  8. I don't think these age groups are coherent or meaningful based on the vast different between 15 year olds and 25 year olds. 20/m/USA
  9. I heard one concise yet interesting observation... Bush and the intelligence community has been sharply critized for not doing more to prevent an attack based on vague, generalised, questionable, really weak evidence relating to the 9/11 attacks, and then criticized for acting on vague, questionable, non-solid evidence about the threat Iraq posed. How do you propose handling threats when it's simply not possible to be 100% sure about anything?
  10. http://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/science/05/26/face.transplant/index.html Personally I don't see any ethical dilemma not rooted in overvalueing appearances, but what does everyone else think (noting the part where the procedure is designed only for those with severe disfigurement, had to add this comment for those bound to comment without fully reading the story)?
  11. Communications 2.7 megabits per second Storage 335.6 kilobytes per second 1MB file download 3.1 seconds (home connection) ..my college connection is about 10mbits.
  12. Only when a significant number of lives are immediately at risk and there's no other way. As far as sleep deprivation and other techniques that aren't actually torture, any time it's determined to be appropriate under existing guidelines.
  13. Well that would sure explain his question of why "HCI" was called hydrochloric acid
  14. Well first be sure she's actually underage for the state you live in... like alot of people here in FL don't know the age of consent is 16 (if the other person is under 24, 18 otherwise). If you're under 18, there probably won't be a problem either. But otherwise, just stay friends until shes legal, then go for it.
  15. HCI? Hydrogen carbon iodide??
  16. I much prefer over the top, however a few years back we had a cat who frequently pawed it so it all unrolled, so we had to use from the bottom for a while.
  17. They both have vacuoles, however the distinction is that animal cells have many small ones, and plant cells have one big one. And as far chloroplasts being cells... they may have been their own cells at some point in the past (search this site, or google, for 'endosymbiotic theory' or just 'endosymbiosis'); but they're not now.
  18. ...because we shouldn't automatically judge anyone who's a member of a terrorist organization such as al-qaeda or the fedeyeen, they're mostly just good people. I wasn't talking about Iraqii civilians.
  19. Are you treating v as a vector or as a scalar? It's a vector.
  20. ..but if you own the copyright and claim you wrote it (legal). you could just say that any other place where it appears took it from you since copyright ownership applies originality.
  21. ..because you can technically claim its yours.
  22. Just out of curiosity... I wonder how things would work if you turned in something that wasn't written by you, but you were the legal copyright holder for all rights with the work?
  23. Actual gas station in california.
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