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  1. speed is relative yes, but i was saying at zero movement would time cease to move foward or would it carry on as usual? I should refrase my last point in the previous post. time as seen from an observer appears to slow down for the person traveling.
  2. good point. another thing that struck me about the movement thing is as we move even very slightly, we are traveling faster through time. the faster you move the faster through time you travel. Would there be a constant speed with which time would move at a minimum? weird hunch seems to fit into place....
  3. Is time a consequence of movement? this thought struck me as i was walking to work yesterday. if the universe was static there would be no need for a fourth coordinate to specify time. although impossible to be static in the quantum realm, theoretically it everything was static would time move foward? and could you tell the difference between the two states?
  4. Crash


    Has anybody heard of this company and if they have what do they think of it, its a yanky company that makes health supplements and i was wondering what peoples thoughts and opnions are on it?
  5. cheers all, i go for my MenzB shot in two days so ill get it looked at then
  6. every time i have gone to blow my nose for the past three weeks blood has been coming out, ive never had nose bleeds before. i was wondering if anyone knew why this would be?
  7. Not sure if this is chem or physics but i came upon it in a chem book so here it is, Is electron capture and positron emission the same thing? like what are they and how do they differ? also what is a negatron? Cheers
  8. Crash


    Im Having diffuculty in working out the nullity of a matrix, the matrix is a=[ 1,-1,1;-1,1,-1;1,-1,1] to find the nullity i was finding the eigenvalues and than working out the nullspace and than working out its dimension, is this correct? the other problem with this is i get to the polynomial equation from det(A-Lambda.I)=0 which ends up being -x^3 + 5x^2 -5x -1 which i dont think is correct, can someone please help. also can someone explain to me what multiplicity is? Cheers
  9. Is it possible for humans to have too much sex? Is there any problems that arise from too much?
  10. Crash

    Internet access

    Dont know what my connection speed is, its through my uni. my top download speeds are well over 150 k/s. i know that its running through a fat fibre cable but i dont know what theyve regualted us to.
  11. Could you suggest any good sites or books? Cheers
  12. Ok, i got a couple of probs. how do i prove if a series is divergent or convergent? and what is the nth term test? can someone please explain it to me?
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