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  1. there was an era in which micro was a coveted subject.what has happened to the research wing of micro.any ideas as to what is the future if micro in the next 5 years to come?what are the immediate developments in micro?
  2. how many animal species are self aware and if they say they are then how the hell did they find that out
  3. ya blood group DUFFY too that was the best thing malaria wont attck u then
  4. hey u know that syphilis earlier to antibiotic discovery was treated by malaria. thay injected plasmodium so that it produces temperature and fries up the temp sensitive treponima pallidum.hey ....a person got nobel prize for that his name was julius wagner von jaureg (i think..that is the right spelling) u know the germans were the first to synthesize resochin(chloroquine) bayer did it... helped a lot in world war. allies got it when they liberated tunis and reverse engineered it. ha hitler was a man.... malaria is some of the worst diseases of the developing countries and i think its a lot better to use mosquito nets... they are the best protection... pyrethrum is not that good DDT resistance is rampant... looks like evolution
  5. the vector u like the most and why do you like it
  6. well the best vector is 1.mosquito.because......... 2.housefly......... 3.ticks 4.mites.
  7. 1....the plague vacilli multiply in the xenopsylla cheops and block them and force them to regurgitate and release the bacilli while biting.this is essential for their transmission 2.rabies virus enters the nerves travels to brain and causes psychological changes which cause a dog to bite any thing it comes into contact which,which is essential for virus transmission the virus also causes hydrophobia....water forms a barrier for the transmission of the virus.(its rampant in india but not there in andamon nicobar) well would you call all that coincidence>?
  8. well i think it isnt just more than defrag...... we are preparing ourselves to face the next days problems and solve them more effieciently.so its defrag plus solving previous unsolved problems(more effieciently than others or with that of the older speed
  9. then why dont people understand this simple logic and remain blindbelievers??????
  10. oh another way i like games ,some FPS ones too(wolfenstein,igi,hitman......)whwre the way is complicatd and one has to find it out . it happened so many tmes to me that i couldnt go to the door and frustrated myself. after i slept i remenber scanning through all the ways and seemed to correlate which way i had to go and most of the times i would find the door or key then. same things with some math problems. now what do you say?
  11. interesting question but what about the answer.i dont seem to know it but if i were to guess then there is no such correlation, or even if it is there it is governed by some other factors also(eg fatigue,disease..) and some of them should be genetic
  12. ask any teenager ,one says he had sexual arousal in the sleep.so what does that suggest? does that sugget that the sleep we are in does help us to prepare ourselves for the future occaisions of sex or for that matter any of the lifes problems???
  13. there has always been a problem with this one. a person has two diffrent entities in his mind 1.religeon 2.nation so when it gets between these two choices what should a person choose? why should he choose his nation(as most of us would expect) or why should he choose his religeon
  14. that was the point i wanted to bring out in the topic.... REM sleep is the most fascinating part of it and i belive it dominates the non-REM whcih is justa transition period. so if we dont sleep for rest ,why then do we have to sleep in the first place?
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