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  1. Jerusalem to Become World´s First WiFi City

    Yes, especially Singapore. The main motivation for development of Jerusalem is rather political. For example, there is a huge multi-billion usd$ light railway project now in the city, which has a single purprose - to connect the occupied Jerusalem with other parts of it and create an impression of a united, indivisible city. The most interesting thing is that the light rail will pass in arab neighborhods but won't even have stops there. This WiFi project has probably the same goal. Everything to present Jerusalem as a unified capital of Israel, indivisable and not negotiable -- not any part of it will be given to the Palestinian.
  2. "Jerusalem rebuilt as a city that brings about connectivity" is a very rough translation of Psalm 122,3 - but it could be coming true, as modern-day city fathers prepare Jerusalem to become the first city in the world to enable full wireless connectivity to the internet." http://www.israelnn.com/news.php3?id=66031
  3. Latest update: France: Sharon's persona non grata
  4. Do some charity... haha....

    Marry Ethan Levin Honey!
  5. Do some charity... haha....

    Come on people, woman is in need. Only 165 days left for her engagment and she needs more candidates. Where's your altruism? VOLUNTEER NOW! Don't ask want Blaire can do for you, ask what you can do for Blaire!
  6. Do some charity... haha....

    It's Time For Blaire To Get Married....and She Needs Your Help!
  7. awwww baby... chaos, panic, confusion. can't help but love it
  8. Sharon Urges Jews to Flee France "They have to move immediately." / Le Premier ministre israélien a appelé dimanche les juifs de France à "immigrer" immédiatement en Israël * The Jewish Agency has already chartered a plane that next week will bring 200 Jews from Paris, the agency's spokesman said. UPI Los Angeles Times: "Sharon Urges Exodus of Jews From France" BBC Report Paris proteste contre l'appel de Sharon aux juifs de France Le Premier ministre israélien, Ariel Sharon, a exhorté dimanche les juifs de France à immigrer en Israël "aussi vite que possible", pour fuir, a-t-il dit, un "des antisémitismes les plus sauvages". Link Big News Network Report ninemsn Report XNA Report Sydney Morning Report Washington Times Report Globe and Mail Report PA Report TSO Report Teletext Report Guardian Unlimited Report Sky News Report
  9. New Zealand imposes sanctions on Israel

    Then I rather scuba doobie doo than post here. Goodbye.
  10. New Zealand imposes sanctions on Israel

    I tend to ignore rules that do not fit my conception.
  11. New Zealand imposes sanctions on Israel

    & It's not like Haaretz is going to sue you, you know - you're not really someone worthy of the attention of their lawyers.
  12. New Zealand imposes sanctions on Israel

    In any case, it's not like Israel cares about NZ sanctions. Israel has 0 embassies in Australia/New Zealand, and 6 in New York alone.
  13. New Zealand imposes sanctions on Israel

    As a Jew and an Israeli myself, I speculate whather Mossad itself is responsible for this vandalism. There haven't been anti-semitic attacks in NZ for 25 years, zero - and suddenly someone comes and destroy a Jewish grave yard? 16 graves? It's more than a work of one person, and I don't see the average citizen of NZ being motivated to do that just because Israeli tried to produce counterfeit passwords of his country. I do on the other hand spot great interest for the Israeli government to do this/for this to happen, as it can present the situation in totally different light. Just my paranoid speculations...
  14. New Zealand imposes sanctions on Israel

  15. New Zealand imposes sanctions on Israel

    What is the point of posting a link if it's only for registered members? I assumed no one her was, so I didn't post it.