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  1. Check out your disk management tab in computer management (start>run>compmgmt.msc), should have some more information regarding drive H. if Drive H is inaccessible and really was just that printer, you should be able to delete it from there as well, right clicking the drive will bring up the options
  2. I have the hugest urge to watch Horror of the bloof monsters all of a sudden. I'll have to do some IMDB'ing once I get home
  3. Dudde


    I started a consulting business in the U.S a while back, basically just checked around with small businesses, hotels, motels and apartment complexes were my biggest customers. I would suggest starting either in a big city and just be cheaper than the big chains, or start out in a small town and be a little more expensive and just way more convenient than doing it online. I also did some IT work for free for a few owners who reciprocated the deal by printing me off business cards and flyers for free, and another who modded my shop for me in exchange for being right next door and onhand for any repairs, these relationships can go pretty far
  4. This, mixed with the fact Moontainman brought up, which I agree with: I think would actually affect the fact that they're legitimate, unless you accept bold faced misinformation as legit - and 'news of the record', I guess it could be, but only because they lead their followers to believe such don't get me wrong, I don't hate specifically fox, I hate almost all news outlets, they all suck, fox is just more annoying at it
  5. Dudde


    I'm currently 25 and work for an enterprise technical support queue, until I get unlazy enough to go back to my passion for network security <3
  6. This +1 definitely. Heck if I care who's using the stalls around me - but most of the time I'm not using them, seeing as how some things that end up on the seat leave me yearning to know how it's possible they got that on the seat without purposeful intent =\
  7. Wait..so what's the case? There were some black dudes hanging around outside the polls, one had a nightstick, and apparently were hurling insults: "Witnesses described an ugly scene: Two members of the New Black Panther Party threatening white voters the day Barack Obama was elected president, flinging insults like "white devil" and "you're about to be ruled by the black man, cracker." What were they threatening? Did they coerce voters into voting, or just stand there saying stuff? The Wiki page says there was a guy with a night stick, but was escorted away by police - and I didn't see any physical actions taken by those guys? Seems to me they were just pushing voters to voting against Obama by intimidation EDIT: and after getting to hear the video... I mean yeah intimidating presence is one thing, but did they do anything? Can someone find something I'm not? I saw two white people walk out of the booth at the end of the video, were they preventing people from entering?
  8. Nice, Just like ewmon, I now have a name to put what I try to convince people of what they're doing! (though we all know they'll deny it and keep on truckin', but that's the fun part)
  9. + 1 with pretty much ParanoiA's entire first post - McChrystal is the kind of guy I think should be leading in the president's boots ...not the "let's kill it" mentality, but the balls to back up what you started and get on a patrol in a deadly part of a warzone to see what your guys are going through. It's unfortunate that he was fired, although from the article it kind of seems he'd prefer to be out of the position of power for the whole operation and back into a more subtle leading role where he doesn't have to play so many politics.
  10. Currently I've put on hold all the certifications I was working toward, my car recently became unusable and so I gotta save up to get a new one! However, I'll be on vacation starting next saturday for 9 days...mmmm....so who cares about a car til then
  11. good point bignose - although telling other people how well you did is something I attribute to affecting other players, and therefore wrong. Unless you wanted to show some of the absurd things you uncovered, because hacks or cheats can be highly amusing when used right.
  12. I don't regard this accident as something to destroy the plans for offshore drilling on - accidents are going to happen regardless of industry or location. Also, what's wrong with this quote: granted, it came at a very inopportune time to the future, but when it was stated, it was pretty true. ...are you disagreeing that offshore drilling is beneficial to the U.S or trying to be facetious?
  13. I'm very fiscally liberal...I forgot when you add a girlfriend and 2 puppies, you have to change spending habits or your 5k in the bank turns into "OMFG ramen!" not that I have anything against ramen in the last few weeks or so I've become fiscally conservative due to some life changes, but still living paycheck to paycheck...
  14. kind of agree with Timo - if it's a single player game, using cheats/hacks/bugs affect no one else. Those kinds of games are just there for you to have fun with, why waste time doing something that doesn't bring you entertainment. Personally, I like losing games, flip the difficulty up and set myself up to die and then go out swingin - like in fallout 3, don't use anything but a combat knife. Ever.
  15. There can also be wealth created by people who are just more naturally skilled in industries that create more money than others. If you can do the work, and work the system (legally, morally, etc.) you can get pretty rich. Currently, services are worth far more than production. Find a niche market that nobody else is good at, work your ass off to specialize, and offer services to those who need it. It's what I did, to an extent, before I was 18 I could charge anything I wanted for merely coming to someone's house and installing some ethernet cables so they could game in multiple rooms, or have a surround sound system - because I was young, and didn't need all the fancy charges larger companies need, but I still made more than that company's employees individually. (I think if I were motivated by money, I could be quite well off by now..but alas...money bores me) I certainly never wanted to kill anyone though, that definitely won't solve a money crisis...and could end up hurting those you wouldn't think about being affected at the same time
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