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    Cancer cells

    I have read the Post "How do cancers spread" and there seems to be no practical answer so I will ask my Question. I have been diagnosed with Squeamus Cell Lung Cancer (Non small cell) and I would like to have more knowledge on what is killing me. I know the basics of Biology and cell reproduction. I know that a "Cancer" is our own normal healing cells that dont switch off. What I know is..... that when the body is injured a chemical in the blood then triggers the local cells to make tissue to heal the injury, the rogue cell is non small cell Cancer which is slow growing, but when the cells are repeatedly replaced like tissue that has to be replaced contunuosly in the body that rogue cell is small cell Cancer which can spread as those cells can make any tissue and are fast growing. It dose not matter where the cell is it will just make tissue with all the blood cells and nerve endings. I would like to know, Firstly...Why the trigger in the cell dose not turn off, Secondly... what part of the body sends the chemical to turn it off and Thirdly....how dose the body know when the injury is healed....and how dose the body see the Cancer...a foreign body or a virus or what ? If no answer... could you direct me to a Website that would explain those things. Thanks Bill
  2. The hat was red...he was touch sensative
  3. He ran over a person in his car the day before and continued driving, the next morning he found out on the radio thad he had killed his daughter.
  4. Is the answer one word or a sentence? with riddles like this you dont take the clue words literally, Fortress could mean any place that is protected, they use Seceret, Decieve and Authority, Perhaps the Pentagon, perhaps something to do with UFO's or X-Files, Area 51 for example, Without sacrafice,, (MIB) Just a thought...good luck
  5. You are all wrong, Grass dose not grow at a constant rate, it depends on rainfall, no rain no growth, if there is no rainfall in the 90 days the grass will not grow,so the equation will not work unless you know the rainfall and exact rate of the grass growth.
  6. I do not believe there is such a thing as Free Will. Our Genes determine what we are and what we do, would we walk off a cliff for no reason? Would we kill for no reason? We are predetermined to survive and propagate, that is what our genetic makeup is. We, as a species are not important, just the survival of our Genes, so free will is not an option, the majority of us Humans follow what our Genes tell us to do, they are the driving force of our lives. Free Will? Perhaps we think we have it, but only if it helps us survive and pass on our Genes. From the begining we have had no free will, we are just another experiment of the DNA, which might not work.
  7. Dark Energy...Dark Matter... cant be seen, cant be measured, but must be there Dohhhh... God.... cant be measured, cant be seen, but must be there Dohhhh.... Seems like faith is paramount to Science and Religon... Just a thought.
  8. I am only a simple Electrical Engineer but I was taught that a moving Magnetic field induces EMF in a conductor in a closed loop by inducing the electrons to move through that conductor, in turn a magnetic flux is induced in that conductor, A transformer uses the same principle by alternating the EMF and inducing a EMF in an external conductor, all moving Fluxes and Alternating Fluxes cause the same effect, In a non (or semi) conductor the EMF can be produced and stored by exchanging charged particles to discharge when a circuit is realised, a DC current would not induce an EMF unless it was moving or collapsing, if collapsing then it would induce an EMF in the opposite direction, Faraday's Law is still true. I remember when I was being taught Electrics, I questioned everything as well... Did you know that water moving through your taps at home cause an EMF in the pipes as anything that strips electons causes EMF and Faraday's Law still applies.
  9. I think that when our Universe came into being all Energy was the same, an equal amount of Positive and Negative Energy which would then be in Balance, but as Energies formed matter they diversed into differing states thus giving unequal Energies to different forms of matter but although we measure and observe Energy in those different states, Energy is in ballance and can be calculated to equal Zero if we merge those Energies together. I believe all positive have to have a negative and a zero crossover point else it cannot exist. You cannot have light without dark or hot without cold, same with Energy
  10. On the moon you would have the sunlight to grow the food you need to survive under a dome, Underwater you would have to create the light to propogate plants to live on, anyway...why live under the planet when we could improvise the technology to survive on another body apart from earth. We need to expand not contract to the earth we know. We have the know how to make a Habitat on the Moon so we should go for it...
  11. No! I do not think your Rationale about killing or being naked is the same as having sex. Sexuallity is inherent in the human race, we are all sexual animals, if Sex is Abhorent to you then you have problems. Having intercourse or thinking about having intercourse is normal, but chosing who you have intercourse with is importent. I, like others in this forum have doubts about your sincerity and truthfulness...What are you after?
  12. I did not intend to Criticise Math or Science, they have an important role to play in our understanding of the Physical universe, Math and Science have furthered our understanding our how the Physical universe works, All I was saying was that Math is not the whole answer, it can be wrong, nor is it always correct in answering the questions that us Humans ask. Why do the answers always have to be calculated in Math as Equations on a Computer,......Just "Think" about all knowledge...Yes! even the strange stuff. We try to measure everything we know but there must be things we cant measure....Think about it...Is what we see all there is????
  13. But Math is not always the answer...Perhaps writing theories down on paper or a blackboard might be how you understand how the Physical Universe works but geting the concept into your mind is more of a challenge, so you have to take all Ideas and Knowledge into consideration when trying to explain Existence. I like Math and I have a good knowledge of Basic Phisics but I am also a Sceptic when it comes to Math explaining the Physical Universe...There is more than that..Yes! Mathematics has advanced our knowledge and has allowed us to try and explain things but so many have got it wrong and there are differing explanations of the Math. I keep an open mind and do not accept all the Math. I will still question the held theories of those that think they know all about Physics, even without the Math. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Physics is just an understanding of the Physical universe we exist in, Mathematics is an Intregal part of trying to equate that to, and what and why we are, but it is not the "Holy Grail" . Some people believe that we can solve the question or find an explanation through Math. Many mathematical Theories have been wrong in the past and will continue to be wrong...Theories are just what they are "Theories" not proven. I will continue to question all Mathematical Theories as Math is an Inexact Science and dose not answer the basic questions..It is all Hypothetical. Lets face it...We are all trying to find an explination of existence so why do Scientists think that they are the only ones who have the answer.
  14. I understand that this is a Science Forum but there will be many people like myself who will not be up to the Math and Science of some of the members. Some of us will be asking questions, puting our point of view and disagreeing with some of your Theories. Please allow the Questioners to partisipate in this Forum without disrespecting them. I, myself am an Electronics Eningeer who is interested in Theoretical Physics and Partical Physics, among other things, so let me learn from your knowledge without being ridiculed for my lack of knowledge on some subjects. We are not all Matheticians...Just Free Thinkers
  15. Yes you are right, I have little Scientific knowledge of Psychiatry...When my wife of 30 years was in hospital I was very confused and I was looking for answers, I asked Nurses, Physciatric Social workers and Psychiatrists what was going on...except for the Psychiatrists, the rest had no idea about Schitzophrenia, yet they were charged to look after them..I visited every day and saw some people who should have not been there, people who were forced fed drugs against their will and some who were given Electric shock treatment..That was a surprise that it still hapened in this day and age. One old Lady was there simply because she thought that certain foods would kill her..She kept asking me to get her out of there, it was so sad. The conditions there were more suited to the 18th Century than the modern day, most people in that Hospital were just subdued by Drugs or Electric Shock treatment. That is my Experience of Psychiatry at work. Schitzophrenia is a Label that is put on a number of Mental illnesses. for example: Thinking that Aliens are after you. Having voices in your head. Getting angry for no reason. Collecting silver or shiny metal to avert Devils. Looking for signs and living your life accordingly. Thinking that your loved ones want to kill you. Each one of those are a Mental illness in its own right but the Label of Schitzophrenia is put on each one. My wife had all of the above but some people only have one symptom and are Labeled as Shitzophrenic. Psyachrists are taught to talk and listen to those people with Mental Illness but they are only learning about the Illness, they do not help the person they are supposed to be Counseling, I believe the answer to the question of the Post is:- "Psychiatry is not fit for purpose"
  16. Sorry Moo ..not the words, I understand them but the context in which you use them is obscure. Perhaps I am just thick but I did not understand what your point was....XXX
  17. Westgirl Seems like you dont want to lose your friend or argue with her. best bet is to be Logical and tell her that although she sees Sex as something that is OK for her, you dont, just tell her you are different in how you think about it..Perhaps Sex liberated her but it might not be the way you want to be liberated..Just Emphisize that you are not a Sheep that follows. you are an Individual who will have sex in your own time. Your friend seems to be trying (Mistakenly) to get you to be like her...dont follow...be yourself.
  18. I am English, and myself and most of my friends think that America is becoming more and more Fanatical about their Christian Religion. Schools refusing to teach Evolution, Pro Life shooting Abortion advocates, Having to believe in a specific God to be accepted in most communities or groups. We hear more and more of all rescues and survival of accidents are down to Miracles or God did it...You are in danger of becoming like the Fanatical Muslems you are fighiting against. We do not have a Constitution, if we did We would not accept the word God anywhere in it, it is not relevant in this day and age.
  19. Ha Ha Ha, Personal Eh?..Quack..or Quark..A Quark only means that I am a newcommer to the Forum and not an idiot...We are discussing Psychiatry and there are differing points of view about the subject..So what you are saying is that my Point of view is irrelevant and I must refer you to another point of view from another source? My oppinions are based on living with someone who has the illness and finding out as much as I can about Schitzophrenia..But the information is limited as, in England, not much research has been done..an earlier post was correct in saying that Drugs only mask the symptoms and dont cure it..there is no known cure. A person with Schitzophrenia is a human being, so do you think that we should force them to take drugs against their will so as society can then put them away in a closet and forget about them? Most Psychiatrists dont know what they are doing so prescribe drugs for all illnesses of the brain...that is not a cure, just getting rid of the problem. Psyciatrists are a waste of time, They know as much as I do about the subject, and that is not much. Since my wife was diagnosed with the problem 10 years ago and had a very bad Psychotic episode she has refused to take Drugs, She left home then and I never knew where she was till about 2 years ago and I brought her home from a very bad lifestyle..since giving her a stable envirnoment and a bit of understanding she seems to be better...she will never be cured but she is adapting realy well without drugs. So instead of attacking me Ecoli Give us the benefit of your knowledge on the subject!!!
  20. I have now read the rules for posts and I do not think I have broken them...I I have not been anti religeous or in any way critical of anyones point of view..I just gave my personal views on the posts...surely that is what a Forum is...A Forum of Differing poins of view is surely what we want...not just like thinkers.
  21. Sorry I cant seem to find the rules section..so I dont know what rules I have broken...Please tell me where to look...I was only giving my personal opionion to the posts...Sorry again if I broke the rules...if you made the rules more prominent then I could read them and would comply...
  22. A long winded way of saying "I don't know" and I have no oppinion Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged That dose not make sense...we are discussing Reality and you are using obscure words and science to make yourself look clever...that is not contributing to the post..Just give your point of view and stop being a Guru..as you are not.
  23. I lived in Brixton London for about 15 years and I could walk through the town at night...But perhaps, because of my attitude I never was accosted or bothered, I am white, 5'6" and of slim build so it was not my size...of course I was wary but I would not cross the road from a crowd and did not walk in the shadows, I walked with an attitude of, "this is my place" and "If it happens then so be it" that worked for me..
  24. No! I dont mean that you should accept the way they are, But try to understand that is their way of life, Like going in to a Gorilla community and trying to be accepted...slowly!!! I am not blaming the victim but if you live in the jungle then accept what the jungle is and the life that is there, and try to live with it and not be above it. If you live in that kind of place then get on with the residents or leave...simple as that. There are anti social people in most of our towns but if you dont like it then move...you will not change them...
  25. Lets face, it our reality is only what we need to be real to survive...The single Cell creature that we Evolved from only had to make sense of the energies it needed to survive and mutate to the next level..so, although there might be other realities out there our Reality is only dependant on what we needed to survive and evolve. There might be other Realities and things we cannot comprehend as we dont need to know that to survive...so, could there be other Realities and Universes that are out of our comprehension?
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