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  1. Hello, fate sister. I am God. I am owed at least one million United States dollars. I declare war on planet Earth until I have such. I also expect interest on it. You are the fool. I do not forgive. Abolition of negligence does not allow such. Aka, bite the curb.
  2. I've been having difficulty accessing a computer for long periods of time. So, I think what I meant about Jeremiah Johnson was that one might want to focus on survival skills, camping, preparedness, food readiness, etc..The movie was decent, but him helping the people in the civil war lead to some death, which was unfortunate. Basically, I was suggesting getting better at camping and survivalism. Otherwise, I think if aliens came here, just being mediative shouldn't cause much of an issue. Hopefully, they wouldn't shoot first. But about Bitcoin, it seems to keep moving forward. There are h
  3. I'd suggest not street fighting. I think Bitcoin works toward mediation. I think entropy works toward mediation. If somehow fighting comes out of bitcoin, that seems just like the natural flow of events, entropy. Sure, fighting might seem like the quick, right fast idea. But if people can just be calm and talk through issues, then great. * Also, I'm not Washu Hakubi if that's been an issue. Maybe indirectly, but I don't call myself Washu Hakubi everyday, as far as I'm aware.
  4. Ok, I'm looking at what appear to be the affects effects of Bitcoin. Now, there is the whole ~21 million Bitcoin possible to produce. But that's not just relative to Earth's money. That's kind of like it's auditing the entire universe, as if there can only be ~21 million Bitcoins in the universe. If there are aliens out there, they're more than likely going to feel the economic pressure of Bitcoin and come to Earth to check out what's going on (unless they're already hear here looking into things). * aside: It kind of has a "feel" to it that reminds me of when Q brought the Borg to Cap
  5. I'm feeling beat up. No, not an advert. Also, "why" as a question comes off somewhat as schizoaffective. So, I could argue because you're schizoaffective, which you might feel bitter about. AKA determinism vs. block universe. I'm interested in it due my interpretation of its capabilities: Fermi paradox, computer simulation hypothesis, mathematical universe hypothesis, and whatever else. For the Fermi paradox, assuming the SHA-2 protocol is doing a lot of courting (aka auditing), then it's like a whirlpool effect is being created. It's like it's making a "reverse" dark matter energy(?)
  6. I'm going to move around from the computer I'm using and maybe comeback in a week or more to this thread. Some things I'd like to clarify: 1. By trigonometric interpretation of reality, for a lack of a better term, I think the better term would have been mathematical universe hypothesis. 2. If Pi radians is equivalent to the maximum number of potential bitcoins produced, then I believe it's reasonable to argue that a multiple of Pi helps create variability in a price floor, whereas the Satoshi coin is currently the price floor with the Bitcoin project (if I understand correctly). 3. Pi
  7. So, in relation to "pulling out a thesis," I'll give an interpretation of what I think Satoshi Nakamoto's thesis was: Bitcoin is good because it works toward preventing the double-spending problem. - I relate it to Karl Marx's thesis from the Communist Manifesto, "In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property." - I like to spin Karl Marx with my educational neuroscience background and say the following: Abolition of the schizoaffective disorder (Block universe theory argument). - I will spin it further even more because of
  8. I didn't see any general discussion immediate bitcoin threads on SFN in the search the last time I looked, so I am making this thread. I'm outsourcing. If you don't know about bitcoin, you may want to start here: https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf I have read and read about the bitcoin project, and it seems great. I took some accounting classes in high school, been paid a paycheck, had to experience what it's like to "know the value of a dollar," so I understand the principles of what is going on. What I like about Bitcoin is that on a more mature level, it's like it's auditing the val
  9. Why bother? There are a lot of neurobiology texts already. If you want me to look at this more seriously, I want you to compare and contrast your text with other sources. AKA Why should I care? For instance, I wrote a blog entry on IR spectra because whenever I started reading someone's view of what IR spectra is about and how to "learn" it, it hardcore sucked. It didn't take enough consideration of the audience member. Total noob, strapped for time, etc.. I reckon you're better off helping Wikipedia. Reading it, I like the analogies. But, I think you're wasting your time and tal
  10. The brunt of it all is in making flashcards and memorizing reactions mechanisms. For a beginner, you'll want to quickly (as this will be something you can do during break) learn how to name organic molecules. There is a naming system. That is something that is easy to do during break. Mechanisms is more than likely something you will be learning in lecture, as that may be professor-specific, whereby the instructor presents a certain view on how the mechanism occurs.
  11. I hated OCHEM. It brought about me an extreme, deep dissatisfaction for modern education. Actually, a lot of stuff I learned after getting my degree has persuaded me to think that modern education (at least mostly as I experienced it) is very, VERY bad. I got no real good things to say about that there OCHEM. However, OCHEM... 1. Curved 2. Lot's of memorization 3. See my blog entry on IR Spectra 4. Hit them flashcards 5. #4 again, and again, and again, and they should be in your back pocket, and again.... *slams head on table over and over again -- not really, but you get it* I
  12. Is there an age limit here on SFN? Otherwise, my ... lol ... quick answer is to tell your daughter to sign up for an account here. I could rattle on for a long time about a lot of stuff. No real need to purchase stuff. The theoretical foundations need to be setup first. If you don't really understand what a cell is, how proteins are made, or the (i assume it's still so) dogmatic view of how structure and function of biological entities relate, then you're kind of just memorizing stuff. Your daughter seems to be interested in structure/function, which is excellent for her age. Another
  13. Minimum wage would make sense if we didn't live in a static universe. Otherwise, the communist manifesto is pretty much on par. It wants the abolishment of all "private" property, thus getting people to lose their delusion that anything can really be independent.
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