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  1. No I haven't . It was only a week ago that she said about getting into forensic science so she could work with dna. But when I told her it's mainly just cataloging stuff she wasn't that interested. So I told her about crispr and microbiology and then she just went to town researching it and has already done a little presentation on a Bristol board showing me what she has so far understood about the whole process. Complete with illustrations and the mechanics of everything. This is where it's time for daddy to smarten up and do some research of his own. Can't have her surpassing me or I'm in tr
  2. I have been researching my area for societies that I can maybe find a contact but working 4000k away from home makes it difficult. In the meantime one of my friends has a daughter who is in an academic secondary school that just started studying crispr so hopefully she can mentor her. As far as her teachers go in her school, you would be better off asking a cashier at a grocery store.
  3. Thanks for the replies. It's going to be an expensive Christmas between the lab setup the books and materials along with the makeup and designer clothes. Let's just hope next year she doesn't ask for a spectrometer.
  4. Help.... I have a 12 yr old daughter who is interested in molecular biochemistry and is reading about crispr cas9 and asking me questions about it which I cannot answer. She really has a huge interest in this field but I cannot answer all of her questions. She went to her teacher to ask and he just got the deer in the headlight look. Is there any forums that can help her understand or have the answer to the questions she is asking??
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