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  1. I haven't even started Organic Chemistry yet, this is just a questionnaire for college. I haven't even covered the basics yet. I have spoke to a few people who have applied and they are all stumped as to why they are asking us these questions yet when we haven't even been taught anything yet? But when i spoke to a Prof running one of the classes who sends the material out he explained it has nothing to do with being accepted into this college its just a bench mark for area knowledge. Of course i have googled the questions but a simple answer is like finding water on Mars. Any help if possible would be great
  2. Hey all, have just got all my material for my 3 preferred colleges and am just finishing up some of the questionnaires they have given enrolling students, but does anyone else get or has got the daunting feeling about is this the right route the right subject or even college. it feels like everything was fine until i got these material packages and questionnaires. Has anyone else experienced this before?
  3. Hi all, this is my first post, so please be kind Was directed here by a friend. Am currently working on a project assignment for extra credit to get into one of my preferred colleges, that comes along with a 2 page online questionnaire and am not sure of the answers of how i can simply explain it. Please see below for questions that i need help with: Q22: A reaction mixture was made basic with sodium hydroxide and the crude mixture extracted into diethyl ether. Please simply explain how this is done. A:? Q25: After the volume of the organic solvent was decreased, the remaining residue was treated with hydrogen chloride gas. Please simply explain how this is done. A:? Q31: A crude salt, dissolved in boiling methanol, was added to chilled acetone to form a crystalline product. Please simply explain how this is done. A:? Not to put a downer on anything at all but i really loved chemistry at school and now i have to pass some exams or show my current knowledge of Organic chemistry and some of the questions they ask you are incredibly advanced for a new student. Granted the college did explain that the answer scoring wont have a effect in acceptance and that its just a measuring tool of current knowledge and shows areas of certain interest, but is still daunting to be honest. If anyone can help me with these questions it would be very much appreciated as i really am stuck. Thanks in advance all
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