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  1. There are several different ways to make KClO4, so one generally uses whatever is available to work with. Safety, and one's experience level in chemistry are other important factors in determining how to proceed. Commercially made perchloric acid is common in the labs that I have worked in. As a chemist of many years experience, I have no problem working with HClO4, I have for years. Amatuers should not attempt it. Having no idea what skill level I am addressing here, I merely pointed out the obvious, that the simple acid/base neutralization works very well. Your safety recommendations are wel
  2. An old post, but the easiest way to make KClO4 is to neutralize some perchloric acid with KOH. Take care to use an ice bath to keep the temperature down and add a stoichiometric quantity of aqueous KOH SLOWLY to the HClO4 in a beaker or flask with gentle swirling. (outside or in a fume hood) The product will precipitate out. After the reaction is completed, decant the liquid layer then wash the product several times with water until it tests about neutral on pH paper or a meter. This cleanup step works very well because any excess HClO4 or KOH is readily soluable in water while KClO4 is only v
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