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  1. Lastly I made CaC2 from lime powder (CaO) and crushed BBQ charcoal. I heated it with an arc welder with carbon rods attached. See the result on the site http://arcmelt.velp.info and click on the video of Nov 24. Sometimes it succeeds sometimes not. I use a concrete brick to put the mixture in. Did somebody try something similar ?
  2. Recently I prepared soms CaC2 by using an arc welder, marble and charcoal. See http://arcmelt.velp.info . It worked well, adding the product to water bubbled and acetylene gas escaped, burning with a sooting flame. Does somebody else have experiences with this ?
  3. Of course, Pt electrodes are better as the solution will not contain carbon electrode debris. I think a Pt wire of 0.5mm diameter a few times wound in a coil suffices. But the problem is more the way of oxidation from chlorate to perchlorate which temperature is needed ? And does a little bit K2Cr2O7 help for a better result ?
  4. Years ago I managed to make rather pure KClO3 (http://KClO3.velp.info) but I read on several sites on the internet that perchlorate is more stable and thus safer, but harder to make. See e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KClO4 . Does anyone have experience ?
  5. try this one http://chemsoc.velp.info
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