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  1. I thought I'd share this . I was so impressed that I downloaded the program and I'm going to try to master it myself. See how far I can go hey?
  2. You're quite welcome Dr.Syntax and thank you also. I really appreciate your advice and I have already included the kites in the poll (although the poll doesn't work now since I changed the WP theme). LOL... yes, you do have quite a low rep, but I'm sure there will be others that will boost that up quick smart. Take care matey and talk soon. ;-)
  3. I may just do that Tree. It sure is an interesting little topic as simple number theory. I'm just a bit busy these last couple of days, but I'll get on it. I should start a new thread there. Thanks again for all your input and suggestions champ. Cheers!
  4. Thanks Tree;). I'll try them all soon and see what comes up. Much appreciated. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Thanks for your suggestion Dr.Syntax. I definately will add another page just like you said. By the way, you shouldn't have to sign in to make a comment. Or did it ask this first? I've allowed anyone to make comments without having to. But please do let me know if you have any troubles. You are all wonderful people and I appreciate all your inputs. Thanks gang!
  5. Fair enough. I know the Vedic Square is the topic on Wicki, but "geometric patterns" was also a mention there and that's why my graph was included as one of them. Surprised that they would mention that, yet exclude 'such patterns'? Not that I'm worried about it or anything.
  6. Yes true, and it is very beautiful indeed. I particularly like the Julia & Madlebrot sets. They are so cool! I wonder, do you think that our universe is a fractal of sorts in a more complex way? Given that there's an opposite to everything, one could almost say that there's a hidden universe within (or outside)? Just a thought. Thanks matey. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Damn! Someone edited out my picture whilst we were posting? That was there before, but was added to the existing info. Anyway, at least I have the proof from a long time ago. Do you think I could get it added again? Gee Wicki can be so crap sometimes LOL! You mean my site or Wicki's? Sure, done! Thanks matey!
  7. Just for fun, here's another version with OneEye's grid erased and sraightened 45 degrees. Maaaaan I had alot of fun with this when I first discovered it. You guys just reinvigourated it. Thanks a million gang!
  8. Awesome! That was very helpfull mate. Thanks for that. LOL! By the way, the link you gave was my own graph above. I'm surprised you didn't see that? hehe. Anyway, I'll try and look at other ways of smoothing OneEye a bit more another time, but your advice was very helpful CaptainPanic. Highly appreciated buddy. I think I may mention this on my site (crediting you with it too if you don't mind?)
  9. Sure, I know if you look at the clouds and look at the sand at your feet, I'm sure one can make out just about anything really. But, what makes this interesting (for me anyway) is what followed after it. I had one really amazing year following it. It was a sort of "trigger" or "catalyst" for my increase in inquizitiveness in many areas of study. Each to their own though hey? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Yes, all good and great, although the only interesting one there would be fractal's, but they're produced using complex polynomial equations, whereas OneEye is not. That's why it intrigues me more than any other at the moment. As I mentioned before, I have seen many many types of graphs and fractals but never anything like this and in such a simple way. Thanks Tree, I appreciate your input though.
  10. Thanks CaptainPanic, I appreciate that. There's no real significance to some maybe, but, it is quite perplexing that a depiction of an "eye" can be created using this technique and in such a simple way, don't you think? It's not like I made up the numbers did I? It was straight from our times-table (after reducing each number to its root digit). If you're a religious or spiritual person, there's some other things about it that strikes a cord, particularly for Muslim's. For example, Gematria, Vedic's, Dejjal (One eye'd Anti-Christ) comes to mind, but that's if your theistic of course. It's just that it's quite weird that no other image can be produced using this technique. If so, I'd love to see it? By the way, how do I make the eye smoother and in 3D (except for using the 3D surface graphing tool, which shows nothing really!)? Also, I removed the legends to make the graph look a bit better. The legends don't really help anyway (to most people that don't know anything about graphing). I've got different versions of this in different colours as well, but I thought I'd leave it blank and to leave it to the viewer's imagination to colour it in. Thank you very much matey and if you have any other ideas or input, that would be appreciated. There's also a math dep't (on Vedic Maths) writing an article about this in their newsletter this month and the story that followed my discovery is also going to be featured in a book in the US soon as well. Cheers mate and thanks again. [edit] ummmm... I think that the numbers 2, 3, 5 & 7, are Primes. And I will have a look at them another time maybe. I'm just so tired of "number-crunching" at the moment. I'm more of a theoretical scientist, rather than a 'number lover'... hehe. Cheers again!
  11. Bizza

    Making music

    Ableton and CuBase, although CuBase is quite complex, but great for patching live equipment and then mixing around with it. Otherwise, Ableton is more easier. Good luck.
  12. I thought I did? I just didn't want to link it to my site due to the rules here. But here it is again... EyePhi.com. I'd really apreciate your views though matey. What do you think? Cheers! Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged LOL awesome! What else can you see?
  13. Hi gang! This is my first real post and I read the rules and T&C's and hope I'm not breaking them and hope this is the right section for this? Anyway... I have something weird to share with you all. It took me a long time to really make this public, but here it is and I hope you all try it for yourselve's and give me any feedback? ... I thought I'd share this very interesting graph I discovered in our times-table around 5 years ago (November 2004). I have aptly named it "OneEye" or "1i". There's an interesting story behind its discovery and, it's a result of graphing the times-table after using what is known as the "Rule Of 9", where each number is reduced to a single digit-root sum (one single number). For example; if we took 8x4 = 32, the single digit would be 5 (3+2). Again if we took say; 3x4 = 12, the single digit root would be 3. Easy enough hey? Once you do this with every number in the times-table, you get a repeating block of numbers that repeat over and over in a 9x9 block. This block of numbers is also known as the "Vedic Square" and looks like this: 123456789 246813579 369369369 483726159 516273849 639639639 753186429 876543219 999999999 When you surround this block with all 9's (as it naturally should be if you look at the repeating blocks in the times-table), you should get this: 9999999999 9123456789 9246813579 9369369369 9483726159 9516273849 9639639639 9753186429 9876543219 9999999999 If you graph this using MS-Excel (using the surface-wireframe-contour graphing tool), you get one amazing graph. When I discovered this for the first time, my jaw dropped and I stared at it for a good hour or two wondering what the heck it was? This then led me to an exponential learning curve like I've never experienced and, very quickly, it opened the door for me to learn many other things about Science, Art, Epistemology and much more. None moreso than my re-discovery of the irrational number/ratio Phi (1.618). I mean, I've studied Science (Physics, Mathematics) and have seen graphs and fractals of all kinds, but never something like this and in such a simple way. I have dedicated a site specifically for this called EyePhi.com. There's more to it and if you look into the pupil, you may see some other perplexing images of animals, food and religious/spiritual symbols as well. This is up for interpretation and only relative to the observer, of course. But for me, it is more than just a graph! Cheers! -Bizza.
  14. Hi everyone & a big G'Day from down-under! Or is that up-over from here?
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