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  1. In this case we have to consider which concept of free will we are talking about here, as it is still in heavy debate as to what the actual concept is.
  2. My most humble greetings to all, Please allow me to introduce myself. I am known as "The Silent One". Due to my quiet nature in real life, I have found it most amusing to self-proclaim myself in this manner and it is has proved most useful as an online identity. Ever since the 'world of science' was revealed to me during my first steps into secondary school, I have developed a great fascination into many of its subjects, particularly in the areas of chemistry, physics and biology. Currently, I am a Year 11 student taking on Chemistry Units 1+2, Physics 1+2 and Biology 3+4 for my science subjects. From here, I intend to continue these subjects and then hopefully be able to pursue a medical course at Uni. Despite that I may not possess much experience, I am looking forward to learning from the forums and its community and that hopefully, some day I will be able to share my knowledge with the rest of the SFN community. ~The Silent One
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