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  1. I didn't "cite it", I worked that reaction equation out, in 10 minutes. I didn't imagine "P4" particularly on Venus. Where on Venus it's getting the phosphorus from is explained here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phosphine#Possible_extraterrestrial_biosignature Which suggests the chemical reactions - P4O6 + 6 H2O → 4 H3PO3 → 3 H3PO4 + PH3 Those reactions I am citing from - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phosphorus_trioxide#Chemical_Properties https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phosphorous_acid#Disproportionation My point is that relatively simp
  2. "Unexplained"? How hard can it be? P4(g) + 6H2O(g) + 6CO(g) → 4PH3(g) + 6CO2(g)
  3. The closure of the bridge for nearly 2 days was enough of a problem for a committee of the Scottish Parliament to questions officials for half an hour. Reportedly, Transport Scotland is looking for a solution. "Ice-busting equipment is to be fitted to the Queensferry Crossing in time for next winter according to Transport Scotland." - The Herald "Ice-busting equipment is to be fitted to the Queensferry Crossing by next winter, Transport Scotland plans." - The Scotsman I trust they will at least consider my solution and hopefully call me. I've suggested a budget of u
  4. "Effectively"? Perhaps I should have used the word "incidentally". Please note, however, that when introducing a design requirement to conduct large electrical currents between strand pairs at the tower anchor heads (see DC Circuit Diagrams) the incidental electrical connection at the wedges may be of insufficiently or unreliably low resistance and should be supplemented with an ultra-low resistance connector between the strand ends, to avoid faults developing from excessive resistance heating at the wedges. "Copious" amounts of energy can be appropriate if that is
  5. DC Circuit Diagrams Locating all the electrics at the deck anchorages, while leaving the strands earthed at the tower anchorages, offers advantages for design, development, installation, commissioning and servicing. Circuit Diagram – 2 heating strands, 1 power supply Heating strands pair current balance detector The window detector circuit compares the isolated power supply’s potential with respect to earth to detect the expected balance of current and voltage in the heating strands pair. If an imbalance fault develops then the safety switch is used to cut the power.
  6. This expandable E-glass sleeving, expands from a relaxed internal bore of 15mm to a maximum bore of 38mm and insulates to 500V when not expanded, which is a useful size while relaxed to accommodate the strand and while expanded to accommodate the wedges. The insulation should cope with the highest DC voltage of about 100 Volts, used to power the longest and highest heating capacity factor strands, albeit that this sleeving is inappropriately resin-coated and would therefore likely require to be custom adapted, the resin cleaned off and re-coated with PTFE, tested and proved in the laborat
  7. What started off as my politically-motivated blog (url deleted)last week, I've since been elaborating on, in an engineering design style, so I thought I should get some professional help. 😉 BBC: “Falling ice causes first Queensferry Crossing closure” Keeping such bridges open even in icing conditions is really not rocket science. What, to me anyway, is the obvious solution – to pass an electrical heating current through the bridge’s support cables – doesn’t seem to be “obvious” to other research scientists and engineers whose “Thermal Systems” for melting the ice are reviewed here.
  8. It should be possible for the World Health Organisation and its partner organisations artificially to introduce the gene drive to eliminate any inter-breeding population. Obviously isolated populations and sub-species will remain extant until such time as they are targeted for eradication.
  9. The past is this - 99.9% of species that there have ever been are now extinct. Species have an average lifespan of 1-10 million years. So we can confidently predict that the extinction of mosquito species will happen and now with the new gene drive method of pest control it looks like mosquito extinctions can be and will be sooner rather than later.
  10. Indeed, mosquitoes spread disease to other animals, such as valuable farm animals, whose blood they suck too, all of whom stand to benefit from the extinction of the pest species. So not only will the doctors love this, so too will the vets and the farmers. It's win, win. Most if not all species which eat mosquitoes also eat other things, such as moths, beetles, other flying insects etc. So mosquito-predator species will adapt to the new mix of prey species and will survive no problem. There's been a lot of time, money, science research and engineering development effort direct
  11. Well I accepted your attempt to lighten the conversation in good humour by responding in kind, using non-scientific language of my own. My reference to the Noah's Ark story wasn't me "appealing to a deity", any more than you were "appealing to the anthropomorphised animals" which featured in your joke. Even so, my story was more on topic than your joke. Of the two of us, I was the guy telling the more relevant allegorical tale - which better illustrated the truth of pest control which is that it is man who has dominion over the animals, not vice versa - and you were the guy with the
  12. Smallpox we didn't need. Lab rats we do. I understood the limitations of his joke and proved that by replying with the more apt Noah's Ark story.
  13. I was pointing that out to Moontanman. It wasn't redundant because his joke suggested the opposite.
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