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  1. erm but would it not sort of change like chinse wispears and turn into a diderent message or one genoration just forget to tell the next
  2. sorry about the comment but i was not thinkking about 1million trubines just about ten in diffrent river and diffrent pionts puls there would not be moving parts(other then the turbines) in the atuall river
  3. was a good idea but too costly still my piont still stands about the turines in the beds they ae eco friendly effincant and safe for the enviroment please dont openly disrespect me or my ideas as i am only trying to helpthe cause to susseed and make the world a better place
  4. yes but you would need to be going at speed or already be in the air to glide and if you did all thoose thing then you might s ell ahve a flyiong human
  5. one of the other issuses is that you might not get a complete strand of dna
  6. i allready know that there would not be much power be i had put 10000 leters of water into drains in a year with 4 other people i live with that has to turn the trubins a little bit and even slitly cut down on the gas prices
  7. thanks for the tips the dam would have a larger impact because of the siz of the damp and the flooding of the area also would small pencil size turbine in pipes and sewers be a good idea
  8. but i have a point about the econimy or environment plus the trubines a small about the size of a car tire so they would not cause upsets to the local ecosystem
  9. hiw big do you think these turbine are they are only small so that they dont desturb anything for ages also i was talking about the turbines in the water being cheaper then dams not fossil feuls only an idiot would think they are cheap with the comsupmtion rate they will most definatly run or sooner rather then later this teard was onrianly called globel warming in the genetics area so i was thinking about the enviroment when i posted this whats better to save the ecomimy that can sort it self out or the enviroment that has to have lots of help being sorted out because unless a imagenery fairy pixie thing will save who will. we the adluts have to be resonceible for making sure children inherit a clean safe beautiful world not some stink hole full of pollution plus i am responding your your points i just might have said the wrong words to exspress my self
  10. i ment building and matenecice cost but i see the piont given the world we live in if some bright spark has a good idea then everyone has to have or do what they do
  11. yes there are still some hitchs but it is still a lot cheaper then dam cost people have to weekly ceack the dam for cracks so a massive wave is not produced this has to be done under water
  12. for the fish to die they will ahve to be very samll to swimm throught a grate that protects the trubine from rubbish
  13. does he still have them now
  14. there are no requirements you can be any age just talk sensibly and about the topic on hand

  15. the fact of cold blooded or warm blooded dependeds on the type of animal mamal fish reptile ect eg all mamals are warm blooded all reptiles are cold blooded
  16. Now, why not just pop up some solar panels? They don't hurt the fish at all. It's good to think about smarter solutions, but important that the proposals scale to the need. but it would not be efficant in countrys with little sun light like england or france. the turbines under the water provide energy to a small comuntity but stop the dead and destrution of natural land scapes meaning you could build them in any old river with little consequences to consider.
  17. but a lake can only be use for fishing and sailing swimming would be to dangerous and also what good a lake globle warming (note this is the starter tread of globle warming) is being pervented by trees that are being destroyed by the flooding for these lakes plus the scotts dont like them as they are stealing from there lands
  18. i meant under water turbines to meet the under currunt it would work for a small community also dams dams may solve problems like floods and large scale electricity bu destroy lots of preasuse farm land pasture land woods ect dont destroy more land for electricity and money
  19. thanks i relly appriate it

  20. but wont the water in the clouds just come back down as rain

  21. i will apolgise for my puchuation and spelling (i relly can not spell) but as klein wolf put it mast..tion does not mean auto pollution it is to do will functions of the male body which it why it is in the Biology Evolution, Morphology and Exobiology section of the forum
  22. why do they flood enviroments to build hydro electic dams when they could just build them in to the river beds
  23. having bat wings installed is stupid did you not read this forum the body would have to under take hunderads of ops to even have wings never mind flying please read a forum before you comment
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