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  1. This site any help? http://www.ocrwm.doe.gov/factsheets/doeymp0115.shtml The bigger problem will be not that the substance of the box may disintegrate over a million years, but that the meaning of the message will be totally obscure to your grunting hooting future relatives
  2. Have a look at these things, the movie takes a while to load automatically, and has sound http://www.airstage.de/ they are graceful, but I'm looking for something that is a lot sharper on the move. And multidirectional- like one of those bikes, instead of gliding serenely, could suddenly pull a weelie, or go into reverse. Does nothing exist that pushes air through directional nozzle or such like, as propulsion? I don't need to go high up- air hose could be attached. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedHmmm... Big electric fan might be best way. Thanks for your help
  3. cheers SH3RLOCK, do you know of any instances of compressed air propulsion that I could investigate for comparison?
  4. Hi there, My first post here Can compressed air be used to direct a helium balloon? I want to make a device that is highly maneuverable. I was thinking some sort of directional nozzles does something like this exist, or is it impractical? Many thanks, Steve
  5. Hi I'm not a scientist, sorry, but for some reason i keep thinking about sciency stuff. I have a few questions I need to ask, many thanks, Steve
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