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    I wan't to make some planar magnetic headphones. How these work is that there are two magnet arrays and between them a planar diaphragm with a voice coil etched onto it. For the diaphragm I need aluminized mylar, around 25 micrometres thick. I can't find anywhere to get this in reasonable amounts that will sell to individuals and not just companies. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance SCB
  2. On second thoughts I can think of several ways to die by 9v battery; not least having it fired at you out of a cannon.
  3. Perhaps knowledge was the wrong word. I know a reasonable amount of theory but lack practical experience. Plus, it's not as if I'm going to die from a 9V battery, however high the voltage is.
  4. Uh... yeah, not exactly what I meant but I am in to old rock!!!
  5. I was searching the web when I came across this site: http://www.bigclive.com/stunner.htm. Basically it is a description of the "guts" of a stun-gun. I would like to build something similar as a high-voltage supply, possibly with self-wound transformers to get the optimum set-up. I have virtually no knowledge of electronics and am having problems in the two following areas; a) identifying what values to select for the components and b) I have no idea of the internal components of what is simply described as an 'oscillator', or how it steps up the voltage. My understanding of an oscillator is a component that turns a continuous DC output to one pulsed at a certain frequency. Any help would be much appreciated, With much gratitude, SCB
  6. Hi. I'm SCB, not my initials by the way, I'm from England and have an interest in science and high voltage
  7. Make a platinum-plated titanium box with robotic legs that would hibernate for 1 million years and then seek out your relatives
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