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  1. Friction is kinetic when the book slides and static when it is at rest. The railings might not be having a uniform friction coefficient. It has to do with forces that arise due to molecular interactions. If you make the surface perfectly clean, not a single speck of dust, friction coefficient becomes very large as molecular associations become stronger.
  2. Even if you solve 1000 problems by google search or asking someone, without reading theory, you wouldn't gain much. Try a good textbook, something like Morrison and Boyd and then tackle problems.
  3. Hybridisation is not something which you can solve as a problem yourself and find it out. Try google or a good textbook to learn chemical bonding. In organic books, it is usually the first chapter.
  4. In your attempt to balance, you see, Iodine atoms are not equal on both sides. Though, I wonder the product is CuI and not Cu2I2
  5. Indeed Snell's law applies to waves only. It is backed by Hyugen's principal, which works for waves.
  6. The origin of Snell's Law is Fermat's Principal of least time. For a mechanical object like bullet, I think swansont correctly mentions torque to play a role.
  7. To always keep track of how little I know.
  8. Familiar with conservation of energy?
  9. One type of fool is the one who say his words, looking at you in the eye, with high confidence and harsh tone and adding harsh phrases. If you are a humble guy, chances of winning the argument against aggression are less. You have to be like them, if it is not too official or public. Also, they would keep establishing their claims on some fallacy, and if you got it, keep repeating to them that they were wrong.
  10. For a moment, I thought of deltaG of a burning guy.
  11. This would invite some numerology, I suspect.
  12. I feel the same sometimes. Though, I don't agree with your time period of major breakthrough. I think a lot is happening, it is just not changing our textbooks too much.
  13. rktpro

    Sound question

    I mentioned a question regarding disturbance travelling instantaneously. Help needed.I feel that beats can be detected initially.
  14. rktpro

    Sound question

    Studiot-Sir, I am having a difficult understanding the point that a disturbance must instantaneously travel to point B from point A. If it takes time to reach from one point to another, only if it strictly does, then it might be possible to measure beats. Isn't the wave equation used dimensionally incorrevt? That, as Enthalpy points, might have created an error in the superimposed wave.
  15. Photons have zero rest mass, so they can't be made static in strict sense. To behave like a solid, they would have to oscillate about their fixed point. If we can make such scenerio possible, I wonder would they make same lattice pattern and voids like solids do. How about a photon of different wavelength occupying the voids of the lattice. However, that is secondary. The first thing is to know if solid containing photons is possible.
  16. When you say a battle is initiated against modern mathematics for the rights of Indian giants, you are dis-respecting them. I am very much sure that Bhaskar and others would not mind it when they were wrong. Now, there is no Indian or Russion mathematics, it is universal. Also, if you can, please post the updated result/proof here. Your idea of claiming royality(as is pointed out in the site) will not be hampered.
  17. Swansont's straight-forward way of talking and putting ideas clearly with as little words as possible might be misunderstood to be a product of military training.
  18. Kekule has his famous story of how he dreamt of a curling snake biting its tail and something like that. But, like Kekule himself said, dreams are to be passed through filters of logic. Basically, Kekule had the ideas about benzene's chemical behaviour. I think a compounds chemical reaction with known reagents help guessing the structure. Parameters like double bond equivalence are very useful, of course you must know the no of each atom and the element.
  19. So, 'enough water' due to hydration would be so less that hydration can be neglected as the main cause of hygroscopic nature? Though, sulphate can move in the material and create residual force for more h-bonding at new sites. Nevertheless, it is still H-bondind in the case when H3O+ exists.
  20. Lingual theory of everything would only help ancient civilization which has no means to record their observation, pass it to other generation, and above all-are very primitive in knowledge. You can't teach a student where to apply force on a sphere to make the resultant friction in motion zeroz. That is just one thing, a lingual theory, containing no math, and of course no scientific ideas, is of little use, IMHO.
  21. Love for sugar. Hard to tell alien ants that we have synthetic sugar like saccharin on our planet.
  22. That change is not possible. Inner L shell is filled and can't accomodate more than 8 electrons. L shell has 2s and 2p orbitals which can accomodate 2 and 6 electrons respectively in total. Electronic configuration has varied because we have learnt new ideas and unlearnt some. Nature is as it was.
  23. H-bonding occurs with both sulphuric acid and sulphate anion, though.
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