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  1. I have read that paid interns have a better chance at finding a job afterwards and that none paid internships often leave the interns at danger of being abused by the company's that decide to hire them. I have never signed up for any kind of internship though. That is just what I found through my research and most sources have said to go for the paid internship. For me though if I could learn something and get paid while I am doing it that would be a great deal. This is especially helpful if you never had a job before, as you could possibly put this down as job experience and write it up as he/she was your boss. So if they ask "Are you currently working" you put "Yes for this company as a paid intern".
  2. We are programmed to do things when we get a reward for it. If its mentally rewarding we get chemicals saying "I like this". This is exactly how drugs get people addicted. They simply over stimulate you. However if someone does not have a normal level and are very easy to distract than in thoery they should probably be less likely to become addicted. However its very easy to see people who simply seem to have addictive personalities since these people get addicted to everything. Video-games, alcohol, smokes, gambling. It almost seems like these people are looking for an addiction. So if behavior is controlled by the rewarding chemicals in your brain would this not all make sense? If someone is addicted to many things and become addicted to anything that gives even a little bit of a reward and are doing it constantly they should be getting high levels of dopamine meaning they have highly addictive personalities. If someone has low dopamine they are getting very low reward and so they are not motivated to stick with most things since they dont get any kind of joy out of it. If someone has normal levels of dopamine they are probably a functional person since they get dopamine at the correct times most of the time and they are not getting a sudden rush ALL THE TIME or Hardly ever. So we have three types of people Type A: High dopamine which means they are very likely to get addicted to things even things you would not normally consider addictive Type B: Low dopamine which means they are very unlikely to get addicted to anything even if these things would normally be considered addictive Type C: Moderate dopamine which means this person has the possibility of getting addicted to things which most would consider addictive The idea is that Dopamine is meant to motivate us to do things we need to do in order to survive. So if you do not get pleasure in an activity you are likely to drop it. So its basically applying this idea to different things we see occurring in people. Which if that is the case people who often get addicted to several things even things you dont generally consider that addictive should be getting high reward for every little thing they take any type of joy in. If someone has a short attention span and very likely to become bored and drop everything suddenly they should be getting very low reward for it(more likely to become depressed). Then we have more well adjusted people who have a moderate level where its benefiting them but its not greatly ruining how they function in life.
  3. Well that is assuming you believe gravity is doing it. There is an alternate theory involving dark matter. However if this is not correct and its in fact gravity pulling not pushing from outside force humans and all other creatures would fly off earth, planets would most likely lose orbit, and everything would be thrown out of orbit, earth and other planets that depended on a rotation would probably have half the planet one temperature and the other side a different temperature, I am unsure of what would happen with black holes though which are suppose to be at the center of universes, oh not to mention it would seriously screw with the weather on earth since its believed that gravity does have some effect on that as well.
  4. Some people have very obvious addictive personality's. You can tell when a person has a highly addictive personality when they are constantly addicted to something. There is some people who get hooked to anything or have the same constant addictions and its impossible to break these people. There is some people who will go from being addicted to drugs, to smokables(anything you can smoke), to drinking, to hand held games. Which proves while these substances and things might have addictive qualities some people just have issues with addiction within themselves. High Stimulation: Very addictive There is some people who simply never do and lack the kind of stimulation for this to actually happen. There is some people who are incredibly bored all the time and dont have very strong attention spans. So they can lose interest in things very quickly. So unlike an addictive personality they will go from thing to thing and lose interest in it very quickly. I think these people are probably more likely to become depressed, paranoid, bored but probably not necessarily as likely to become addicted to things since they dont really get enough stimulation for an addiction to happen, and even if they do its temporary and they quickly need a new stimuli to replace the current one so they constantly have to change. Low Stimulation: None addictive The rest of the population have the potential to become addicted but are not going to necessarily seek out things to become addicted to. However probably have moderate stimulation to most things and probably have less problems becoming addicted to things. Since their brains are not constantly overstimulated by everything they come into contact with. Moderate stimulation: Possibly addictive
  5. Lets say you dont have enough money to transfer out of state or country for your Major of choice. So you figure you will try a community school. Will community schools have stuff like Meteorology Microbiology Parisitology Engineering It seems that some majors are just very difficult to find and only at very specific locations(Colleges). Despite there being several colleges particular subjects can only often be found at the most high end colleges. So if you wanted to transfer from a community school would it actually be possible to do so which these type of majors? If you cant find the classes you need how do you know what to take in the mean time? For Meteorology can you simply take a bunch of earth science classes? for Parisitology can you just take a bunch of Bio and Chem classes?
  6. Hey there everyone. I want to know if there is any good software for animation. I would prefer the model which let me both edit drawings from MS paint or else had similar type of paint tools, as well as did it in the flash motion style where you do it frame by frame by frame. I know it takes longer but its way less complicated than trying to do the bone structure model type set up. I need something cheap that is not hundreds of dollars, however preferably not a torrent off the internet. Thanks to anyone who offers any assistance.
  7. I am trying to create a magnetic system that creates a light magnetic charge.
  8. If you use the wirecopper on iron nail method will it create static or no? I was told that its impossible to get static from magnets this way. What would you do if you wanted small amounts of static?
  9. I am trying to build a basic device using the copper and wire set up but I want to attach a handle which hooks up to the device. I am trying to build a type of engine. Now if the rod(Handle) is hooked up directly to the main source of energy(The Nail) than what material should I use to make you able to hold it? I was thinking of something that wont conduct the electricity or maybe covering it in something none conductive like Rubber. Any ideas? This is for personal use.. Not school project. I trying build something.
  10. How do you turn a WEBP file Into JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP files. Those 3 are accepted on most websites but there is this one site that only does WEBP file and its very hard to convert. I generally save it in MSpaint to convert it but that does not always work. Is there another way to do it?
  11. Depends who you ask. Some have an agenda and some people are really smart and just want to see if they could do it not caring about who they hurt in the process. Which I would consider sociopathic behavior but a lot of sociopaths are brilliant. It also could be out of revenge. Like "You dumped me and made a fool out of me I am going to hack your Facebook and put up a bunch of dirty pictures that I photo shopped of you". It could be people like the group Anonymous who has been placed on the terrorist watch list who apparently try to reveal the government conspiracy's they say we are not able to see since its hidden. Some people are just really smart and like to screw around to see if they could. So there is a lot of reasons one might hack.
  12. Tends to get violent when they dont understand what you are telling them even if you explain it calmly Takes a calm demeanor as indicator you are plotting to hurt, destroy, or abuse them in some manner Needs constant reinsurance that you do not hate them which is every single minute of the day Is often cruel to you even when you help them but very forgiving of people which they enjoy the company of Will often get so enraged to them misunderstanding something or ones calm demeanor that they toss things at your head and threaten to hurt you Blame innocent victims for crimes that were done to them in the past(Person B, C, A hurt me in the past you are going to hurt me too) Are very controlling and will hurt and scream at victims but then state why they love them and they deserve love back Enjoys treating other people like less then human kind of the way you might treat a dog when upset with them Pushes people away and then gets mad when people avoid them(Why dont you ever talk to me? You talk to them. Go away you are annoying) Assumes everyone can read their minds.(Plays scenario in head and asks question pertaining to scenario without explaining the scenario that is going on in their brain but expects you to give the correct answer even though you dont have full details) Accuses everyone else of having issues, disorders, things wrong with them but refuses to admit they are wrong Projects A LOT Exaggerates everything. Like if someone was annoyed with someone will say and literally believe the person is foaming at the mouth. If you ever deny this type of things later they get upset with you since they believe you lied to them when in fact they believed thier own exaggeration. I am forced to deal with individuals like this on daily bases and my generally calm patient demeanor is not fixing anything in this case. I need help. Can anyone here help me and explain how I might deal with this in the future? I generally am very calm and reserved since I deal with this stuff a lot and have dealt with people with very very severe issues in the past. Generally these people are friends or family so I have to put up with this. I try to be patient but I guess my patients is just making this person angrier. I dont know how to be anything more then I am right now though. How should I proceed.
  13. Unless you think of a practical reason for this I doubt anyone is going to help you fund it.
  14. I been trying make a perform so I could sell it. I tried using Alcohol at a base but somehow it keeps evaporating. What am I doing wrong? I thought most perfumes used Alcohol as a base and you can tell from the strong scent they usually have that there is some of it in there. Why does it evaporate? Is there something else I need to add? I know where to get extracts and other scents. I know how to make home made toothpaste, Soap, Shampoo and various other products. Perfume seems to be a little more complicated. I also heard that people generally use Alcohol as a base for things since chemicals will stick better to alcohol vs water. I also know how to make home made lipstick. If I made my own brand I can sell it but it wont stop evaporating. I leave it there and in a few hours later its all gone.
  15. It adaptive, and I been doing it for so long I dont really know how to express myself anymore, I always done this and when you do something long enough you kind of forget what came prior.
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