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  1. d amino acid oxidase does, as does fatty acid oxidase... and that isn't true, because there's a video on youtube showing hydrogen peroxide causing leather to catch fire Youtube: 99% hydrogen peroxide on leather h2o2 is a very strong oxidant and this reactivity is used as an advantage in spacecraft propellant There's an enzyme which does break down hydrogen peroxide, called catalase
  2. lets say I have a powder of an enzyme which converts fatty acids into hydrogen peroxide. i fill a cup full of a concentrated solution of fatty acids and drop the enzyme into the cup. hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer so im wondering if this could make an explosive (concentrated enzyme + concentrated fatty acid solution = fiery explosion?) Note: purely hypothetical guys, I'm wondering what enzymes are capable of
  3. Yes but I don't know anyone who has been outside in temperatures below -2F for longer than a few minutes. The article said he went to do chores so it must've been like half hour or something.
  4. Then why did the man die? The article blatantly states he had problems breathing then died shortly after in front of his wife.
  5. http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2202&dat=19260114&id=F9MlAAAAIBAJ&sjid=B_wFAAAAIBAJ&pg=5410,1795860 Man Suffocates to Death in Cold York, Jan. 14 -- Swelling of the thymus gland in his throat due to the extreme cold Monday morning caused the death of George C. Young, a farmer of New Freedom, this county. He was suffocated when the swelling cut off his breathing. At 5 o'clock Monday morning the mercury stood at 2 degrees below zero in that locality. Young went to his barn to do his chores and, on feeling his breath being shut off, rushed back to the house, told his wi
  6. List 5 reasons why it is, as you say,'' impossible.''
  7. Perhaps but in this case he wasn't asking for money and he seems normal otherwise.
  8. I wonder what you guys think of this guy who said on another forum that his Aunt survived SHC He says he saw it for himself, and his aunt did not smoke. So just a few minutes ago, the guy who mentioned his aunt spontaneously combusted posted about it a second time on this social website and I tried to get him to admit he lied and there was no case of an aunt spontaneously combusting and there was no doctor to confirm she'd burnt from the inside out Didn't go well, I got cussed at in ALL CAPS and he seemed very defensive, telling me to leave his aunt alone, I politely asked him to admit h
  9. The Narrator on the later version of the show admitted Frank and his friend Willey both refused a polygraph test. However I actually found Frank's Facebook account. All he ever posted about was how this has happened to him4 times and he needs money to get tested, pay for hospital bills and fund for a cure. He sold his house on November 27th His gofundme page received no donations so that does add some credance to his story
  10. From the Huffingtonpost: ''Frank Baker faced death while earning two Purple Hearts in Vietnam, but the scariest moment of his life came in June 1995. Baker was in his home in Vermont, when he suddenly burst into flames, an experience he discusses for the first time on "The Unexplained Files," airing Oct. 2 on the Science Channel. "We were getting ready for fishing and sitting on the couch," Baker said on the episode. "Everything was great. [Friend] Pete [Willey] was sitting next to me [and] we were having a helluva time." That is, until things started heating up -- literally -- when flames
  11. I would assume that these people were constantly observed. if they had been scratching I'm sure they wouldve mentioned that. I dont know how come those allergic to the ivy did not have a reaction when told they were being exposed to a harmless plant. when in fact they had poison ivy rubbed on their arm. are mast cells linked to the brain?
  12. I'm just wondering if it's possible. I know some people get hives when stressed but it isn't localized to a specific part of the body How does the nocebo effect even work anyway? people say it's due to expectation/suggestion but that doesn't explain the mechanism.
  13. but couldnt the brain compensate by releasing histamine to that specific arm?
  14. what do you think? how is it possible that those allergic to the ivy did not react when told it was a harmless plant instead? How does the mind somehow prevent the antigens from binding to the mast cell receptors?
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