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  1. In your opinion, what is Americas biggest problem? I have been asking this question for a couple days. The answers are very diverse. I am curious on what everyone in this community may have to say. I realize the question is broad, but I appreciate any thoughts you may have to offer.
  2. Plants and microbes are considered to have some ability to use memory. I am curious if this ability to retain and recollect information should be considered instinctual, and to what degree as they have no brain or nervous system. http://phys.org/news/2014-04-bacterial-immune-memory.html http://www.sci-news.com/biology/science-mimosa-plants-memory-01695.html
  3. A perfectly replicated mind and body would indicate different experiences to me. Whether I'd have a conscious control over both is hard to imagine, but not impossible. During mundane tasks I "zone out" and allow my body to function as I drift into thought. Maybe there would not be much difference in handling 2 conscious experiences at the same time.
  4. Thank you both. That does help clear up some of my confusion...I think. I'll keep researching til I have a better understanding. These responses are more clear than what I was finding. And thank you for referencing Maxwell and photons, that should help me narrow my search for understanding. Is there anything I should be aware of that may add to my confusion or is easily misconceived, aside from physics itself?
  5. Can someone explain to me in a simple way or lead me to an experiment (or both) that can help me comprehend how light travels? I am searching, but it appears to be a daunting search for someone who lacks an understanding of physics such as myself. I can understand that sound needs molecules to vibrate and repel frequencies in order to exist and travel, but how light exists and travels seems a bit more complex. I'm sorry for my ignorance, but I appreciate you all taking the time to respond.
  6. Thank you both. I do know that the claims were rejected long ago. The author admitted this.
  7. This is very interesting. If it was spam, it isn't now. Please read and discuss this book. I'm no mathematician or physicist but this book makes logically valid points. There now seems to be no monetary agenda linked to this document; only an attempt of enlightening people to other perspectives. "We hear sound and know that sound propagates through the air around us. We know this because science has made it clear to us. The evidence for this is when we pump out the air around us and then can not hear. How about light? We can still see without any air. The thought then arises that lig
  8. Maybe a better question would be, how can a altruism most effectively be achieved if directed to educate, motivate, maintain, and benefit a large social community.
  9. It seems, if we had welfare for all, majorities may become lazy and unproductive. Also rather expensive.
  10. Violence begets violence. It seems to me it would be better to promote peace and defend our home fronts. If we went on the offensive we are encouraging violence as well as decreasing some of our potential defenses.
  11. Thoughts and opinions please. I think the coordinated groups involved in prohibition cause more violence and harm to people than the individuals who use drugs would. Yes drug users have a potential to harm people and themselves. Thus if drugs were not prohibited the hospitalization for harm to users would increase. More children would need to be fostered. More people would be hindered from drug abusers. At the same time, I think that the coordinated actions of law enforcement detain more innocent people than drug users would harm. I also think the cartels harm more people than drug abusers
  12. I totally agree. I am sorry my opinions were presented in such a naive fashion. I only wished to show the perspective that the majority of people in America live above their most basic of needs. Everything above the most limited amount of necesseties was being considered a luxury. This seems obvious to me. I suspect that the majority of Americas economy is supported because of convenient and luxurious living as opposed to solely monetary gain. I suspect that if money had no merit there would still be trade for products and services in some means. There will always be an economy in any societ
  13. Your last comment should be "Americas population is productive due to luxurious needs not essential needs" and you'd have nailed my emphasis. Why do you find my comment to have no credibility? Would you like sources that claim insects are more nutritious? Maybe sources that cite which urban plants are best for eating and the nutrional values they retain? Considering I'm pointing out that Americans don't produce for monetary necessities as often as they produce for monetary luxuries, I think my arguments aren't only credible but relevent as well. What are the semantics in my argume
  14. I never said it does not represent hunting, I said you were missing the point and tried elaborating on why. Apparently you either disagree with my opinion or you still don't understand it. A bow and arrow would do little good in an urbanized area for food, there are other means though. Insects are a nutritional source of food that 80% of the worlds population eat. Beetles and grasshoppers are even stated to be more nutritional than beef. There is also the idea of foraging plants in urban communaties such as flowers and weeds. I'm not sure how much sustenance they offer but coupled wit
  15. You're both missing the point. The point is that there are cheaper means of obtaining sustenance than most urbanized individuals don't consider. The fact is, the way we choose to shelter, water, and feed ourselves in America are luxurious compared to what other people in impoverish nations have to do. Taking that into consideration it should be easy to realize that we don't have production in America because people want necessitates, it's because we want luxuries. As long as there is a demand for trades or goods there will be a supplier wanting to make a profit. It will be up to that suppl
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