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  1. Using it mostly for smell for the house, I really enjoy the smell of mint. No I haven' done a small scale trial run. I only have 1500 ml of 40% etoh to which I'm not sure if I should distill or not. I don't really want to distill a small amount just for a small scale experiment
  2. I'm not sure which would be better. I ask because I'm worried using 90% etoh will have an overpowering smell on the final solution. Also, 40% may not be as effective as 90%. Thoughts? ~ee
  3. So, if you build a latrine...just a hole in the ground and add excrement to it, it smells, harbors pathogens and doesnt really get converted into anything. Compost toilets on the other hand, have little to no smell, has no pathogenic bacteria and the waste is converted into compost. I was wondering if compost toilets work as opposed to latrines because when you add extra carbon materials (i.e sawdust) and oxygen it allows for growth of thermophilic bacteria. Thermophilic bacteria raise the temp of the waste and kill off the pathogenic species. So in this case, are compost toilets akin to where the desired bacteria are selected via conditions of the environment? ~EE
  4. Sorry, i meant uranium-235, and I found my answer: The fission of one atom of uranium-235 generates 202.5 MeV = 3.24E−11 J, which translates to 83.14 TJ/kg. This is around 2.5 million times more than the energy released from burning coal. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uranium-235#Fission
  5. I know 1 atom of uranium-238 isn't critical mass, but theoretically, if you could split 1 atom of uranium-238, how much energy would be produced? ~ee
  6. If you haven't heard, an American Southwest flight, 737 was flying from Newark to Dallas. The plane's left engine (?) blew up/malfunctioned. The pilot (former Navy fighter pilot) was able to land the plane. My question is how was the plane able to stay in the air as long as it did, and descend, turn, and land with only one engine? ~ee
  7. I'd respond if I knew how to answer it.
  8. I'm a little confused by this. You mean "call it" while it's still spinning and the face of the coin hasn't been revealed? So was Schrodinger saying, "No, photons can't exist in two different states (wave and particle) at the same time...that's just as ridiculous as a cat being both dead and alive at the same time"..and poof it became history. Did Schrodinger ever agree with the CI?
  9. So, did Schrodinger create his analogy as an attack on quantum superposition, or was it an aide to help the laymen understand superposition on a macroscopic level? In short, did he agree or not?
  10. I just recently found out that Schrodinger made his thought experiment as a criticism of wave function collapse, and tried to illustrate how absurd it was by saying a cat is both dead and alive simultaneously until observed. So when people try to explain uncertainty of something with Schrodinger's Cat, are they using the incorrect analogy to describe the moment of uncertainty? ~ee
  11. I'd say just males for this, but the female gives birth to the progeny so it applies for both. Male perspective: Ideally, if a male has a high rate of acquiring mates, that's a good thing. More probability of spreading his genetics around a population, he's desirable, most fit in the selection/ competitive aspects. But what changes when a portion of the population of females (~30%) is infected with a transmissible disease that would adversely effect the males sexual performance, such as herpes, HIV, gonorrhea, etc. How would his fitness be effected, the number of females he interacts with etc. Female perspective: Pretty much the same question for the female, but in addition, if the female acquires a disease that will directly effect the progeny (HIV, herpes) does that eliminate her from the evolutionary timeline in terms of ability to produce progeny, and maintain her fitness? ~EE
  12. Elite Engineer

    My job is more marketing than science...what to do?

    How do you like your job? You're a PhD correct? Academia or private sector?
  13. So I'm a research scientist for a small diagnostic company. Been working for the last 2.5 years. When I first started, I wasn't crazy about it(reasons listed below), but I waited till I moved up in my lab, hoping I'd have a new experience. Turns out, no. The lab I work in does very minimal science, and more of "product development", which involves slapping together a half-assed product that's already on the market with "XYZ" modification that company A doesn't have. The majority of my work is based around market strategy in product design, and very little investigative science. This company has the scientists acting as regulatory, marketing and part-time scientists. I was hoping to work in a lab environment similar to that of an academic lab where there's actual research. I've looked for such jobs, but they all pay as much as 15-20% less than what I'm currently earning. Is this a common theme in the science industry? Have any of you guys had a similar experience? Am I doomed to the same fate where ever I go? ~ee
  14. Elite Engineer

    What are your regrets?

    I'm 27 (I know I'm still young)..but here's mine: -not taking sports in high school more serious -not majoring in engineering -not sleeping around -not learning investing until I was 25 ~ee
  15. Elite Engineer

    Vertical Farms: Ethanol Fuel

    Well sure, it doesnt have to be corn or switchgrass. If sugar beet has the highest yield then do it. But I believe the whole concept would be worth it. My issue with this is: -You're still limited to building in 1 dimension, and in the future, space will be limited. -The task of constantly supplying thousands of gallons of water to maintain growth would be ridiculous. If you do manage to get the artificial lake built, you're talking about one huge lake. With the vertical farm idea, you could in theory use structure of the old oil rigs. - An open ocean would get plenty of sunlight for solar energy. I think the halfway point here is vertical farms in the ocean that grow algae.